6 female A-listers who were once waitresses

Not all world famous singers can easily get a successful career. It might come as a surprise that they used to work as waitresses to earn a living.

Mariah Carey 

It has been little known that a millionaire like Mariah Carey also had to do a lot of jobs to make a living. When she was poor, she went to work as a waitress at a Manhattan restaurant. The job most-related to her current career is to sing and dance for Brenda Starr in the late 1980s. 


Mariah's career changed when she sent a demo recording of a song to music producer Tommy Mottola and received beautiful words from him: " An unbelievable energy was running through me… That may be the best voice you've ever heard in your life!" Then with the song "Vision of Love" released in 1990, Mariah Carey has quickly become a bright star in the entertainment industry. 

Kelly Clarkson 


Kelly Clarkson has got a fortune with expensive villas since becoming the champion of the American Idol Contest in 2002. Earlier, she worked as a cocktail waitress at multiple comedy clubs in Texas and signed no recording contract before she became a star musician. 



Adele is a true Londoner. Born in the north and raised in the south, her voice is boldly influenced by the commoners, including the habit of speaking swear words even when she went on stage to receive the prize. Although attending a music school, Adele was once just a normal waitress in her aunt’s cafe. At the age of 22, she became a talented artist with an estimated £ 20 million. 

Lady Gaga 


Before being known for her “monstrous” music, mother monster Lady Gaga once had to work as a waitress at a diner on the Upper West Side in New York City while honing her musical abilities. Gaga was not afraid to go to the nightclubs with strong smell of cigarettes and wine and sing with low payment. 

Nicki Minaj 


Nicki Minaj worked at a waitress while trying to break into the music industry and carry out her music projects, and she was even once fired from Red Lobster for chasing after a customer who took her pen. 



Madonna is known as the Queen of Pop with hit songs and especially the style of creative performances, which greatly influenced the music world. Despite being a millionaire, she once struggled to earn her living by working as a shop assistant in the donut shop. Madonna also made nude models to survive and have more opportunities before starting her singing career.


By: Christina Baker

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