5 films that reveal the dark side of social network

​​​​​​​Outside of the flashy and modern look of social network, this miniature world is also potentially endangering the hazards of the user, which is condemned by the producers in the five films below.

The Internet, along with its development, has expanded the dark side, causing users to lose track of virtual values, losing connections with real life. Take a look at the five films below and see how filmmakers communicate lessons in family affection, social relationships, and alert audiences about the dangers in the digital age.

1. Chef (2014)


Directed by the director of “Iron Man”- Jon Favreau, he in the role of Carl Casper is a Los Angeles-based chef who is easily tweaked by tweets on the social network. When a food-reviewer (Oliver Platt) underestimates the quality of his food, Carl posts a rude response to Twitter, but this tweet seems unlikely to be written by himself. An online battle breaks out, helping to make Carl's name known more widely, but also gradually destroying the reputation of his success he always hopes.

After all, Carl is once again seeking a career halo with his moving car, running from Miami to New Orleans to Austin and back in Los Angeles, selling dishes that were rated quality cuisine on Twitter and also rebuilds all thanks to social network.

2. Unfriended (2015)


"Unfriended" is expected by those who love horror movies before premiere due to the unique theme is the ghost revenge by the social network. It starts with a normal Skype conversation between the girl Blaire Lily, his boyfriend Mitchie until a strange nick tries to connect with them. Laura Barnes' personal Facebook page, Blaire's best friend last year, also lights up, starts typing. This "stranger" asks the party to play a crotchety game, which gradually reveals each other's darkest secrets, as well as their "guilty" led to Laura's death.

3. The Circle (2017)


"The Circle" describes a future where people live with unquoted potential questions. Mae Holland (Emma Watson) - a young woman who was fortunate enough to be chosen to work in the world's most prestigious technology company - has been a pioneer in the self-reliance movement, 24/7 for the world to see. However, when stepped in, the young girl has discovered many terrible things hidden behind the reputation and influence level of a large technology corporation.

4. Eight Grade (2018)


"Eighth Grade" revolves around the story of thirteen-year-old Kayla living in the suburbs, because of her shy nature and family circumstances, so her last years in high school became especially memorable. Kayla's safe haven is social network. This is the only place she is confident to show her talented people, comfortable contact with people and quietly press “like” for her classmates.

5. Searching (2018)


"Searching" preserves the nervousness of the audience from the first minute to the last minute, beginning with David Kim (John Cho) discovering his missing daughter. In addition to the help of the investigative team, the father also repeatedly follows the clues in her laptop, accesses to social network accounts and from here discovers the secrets of her daughter named Margot (Michelle La). Not only is he aware of his daughter's academic status, her real relationships, her father knows the loneliness she had to deal with alone since her mother's death. He realizes that he did not understand her as he always thought.

By: Kalen Jonas

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