5 best romantic films adapted from Nicolas Sparks’ novels

The films were adapted from Nicolas Sparks's novels as a song full of low notes and but every movie has a separate content and different messages about love and life.

The Longest Ride


The story begins when the guy meets a girl from a completely different world - Nicolas Sparks’ speciality. It's the famous cowboy Luke Collins and Sophia, the art student who has a waiting job in New York.

As fated, on the way back from the first date, Luke and Sophia met an accident and rescued an old man named Ira. Since then, the film has become the flow of two romantic stories: One is the young couple's current romance, and the other is slowly explored by Sophia's letters to his wife.

Ira’s handwriting letters are the lessons that Luke and Sophia have learned to sacrifice and together overcome all the challenges to love and enjoy the full love.

The Lucky One


Logan, a Marine soldier operating in the Iraq war, accidentally picked up a picture of a girl after the battle had killed many comrades. This picture then followed him to every battlefield and he treated it as a guardian amulet.

Back home, Logan Thibault determined to find the girl in the picture to say thanks and he accidentally stepped into the life of Beth. Nicolas Sparks' novel is narrated by a very quiet, silent film circuit.

The Best of Me


The film is the first vibrations of Dawson and Amanda that make them love each other passionately and the love that follows them to the end of their lives, despite the 20 years in the distance.

“Best of Me” is interwoven between the past and the present, between the romantic story and the cruel reality but everything is resolved very reasonably. The film carries a simple message: If we belong together we will return.

Message in a Bottle


Unlike the other names on the list, “Message in a Bottle” tells the story of Garrett and Theresa as they both grow up and suffer a lot.

This is the first film adaptation of Nicolas Sparks' novel, which set the stage for a series of great works later on with the rainy night, the small house on the edge of the forest or on the bank. The sea or slow-moving footage so viewers can look directly into the character's interior.

“Message in a Bottle” is one of the most distinctive works of novelist Nicolas Sparks, because its unforgettable results can take away the tears of the toughest audiences.

The Notebook


Like other films from Nicolas Sparks’ novels, the story of “The Notebook” story takes place as a light, smooth, and captivating view from the very first moment.

The Notebook is Nicolas Sparks' most successful piece of work, one that has to be reviewed to immerse you in a romantic love story with romantic scenes that can "fall" all hearts.

The film features Noah and Allie's challenging story of a peaceful countryside in the South of the United States. He is a poor worker and she is a lady of a wealthy and powerful family. Despite a deep love, the couple can’t come together because of the social prejudice, class differences and deterrent of the girl’s family.

By: Stephan Swift

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