4 of the most important characters in “Rampage”

Before going to theaters, let's learn about the most important characters appearing in this super hit.

Rampage is a well-known electronic game made in 1986 in which players have to control one of the three giant monsters including a gorilla, a wolf and a lizard to smash the city or military base. 


Borrowing the idea of this legendary game, the filmmakers transformed Rampage into a live action movie. The film revolves around biologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) and a silverback Gorilla named George. The lives of two are very nice, accidentally George is involved in a gene mutation experiment that makes him transform into a giant aggressive monster. Crocodile Lizze and wolf Ralph are also turned away like George. They attack humans, destroy everything, push humanity to risk destruction. In order to prevent that disaster from happening and save his friend, Davis Okoye and his colleagues must race against time to find an antidote. 


“Rampage” promises to bring the audiences impressive images and a series of extremely interesting characters. Before going to theaters, let's learn about the most important characters appearing in this super hit. 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with the role of Davis Okoye 


Dwayne Johnson has transformed himself into a primate expert and is also the biggest star in the Rampage blockbuster. No one could be moved to witness his friendship with another creature, Gorilla, a silverback named George. At the end of the film, the couple of "best friends" came together to stand shoulder to shoulder to protect the people in the beautiful city of Chicago. 

Naomie Harris with the role of Cate Caldwall 


Gene research doctor Cate Caldwall, played by Naomie Harris, is one of the founders of the mutant gene, so she knows what is going on with the mutated creatures. With the help of Cate, Davis finds an antidote to save George. 

Malin Akerman with the role of Claire Wyden 


In the role of a wealthy but ambitious businesswoman Claire Wyden, and Malin Akerman completes her role. Because of wanting to profit on Cate's research and doing other dark conspiracy related to the theory of evolution that Claire has caused numerous obstacles for Cate and Davis in the search for the antidote. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan with the role of Russell's secret agent 


With Jeffrey Dean Morgan's ambitious acting, Russell's secret agent is full of charm. Every gesture, speech, eye contact is very attractive. Most humorous scenes have the appearance of the old secret agent. But Russell also plays a very important role in the film. 

By: Relly Jonas

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