4 music stars who launched hits right before their death

Before passing away, these 5 artists released the hit songs that have made the world emotional whenever they listen to.

"Keep Me In Your Heart" - Warren Zevon 

Warren William Zevon is a singer and songwriter popular with his hit rock songs. He composed hits such as "Werewolves of London", "Lawyers, Guns and Money", "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"... 

Before he passed away in 2003, he spent the rest of his life writing a song as a farewell. It is simple, easy to understand and does not contain any grievances about death. It is just a story of the desire that his wife will always remember him and feel comfortable in her memory. Haunted and hurt, that's what's for the song "Keep Me In Your Heart." Each verse is soft, gentle and filled with a deep sadness. 

"The Show Must Go On" - Queen 

Not everyone loves the Queen band. Not everyone enjoys the fun or extreme strength that this band brings. However,  even if you are not a fan of the combination of different music genres such as hard rock and pop music, Freddie Mercury’s outstanding voice cannot be denied. With great vocals and melodies, Mercury can sing any song. 


In 1991, Mercury was tested HIV positive in the final stage of AIDS. "The Show Must Go On" is his last song. Mecury's voice has captured the heart of many audiences around the world. 

In fact, this is not the last song to say about Cash’s thoughts before death. But the change of lyrical tone in the music style of Cash indicates that this is a product of a dying man wishing to connect his life in the last moment. 

In 1997, Cash was diagnosed with neurological disease related to the effect of diabetes. Soon after, pneumonia ruined his lungs. 

"Stuck Inside a Cloud" -  George Harrison 


George is a smoker, so it's not too shocking when he had to suffer cancer. In 1997, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, and although they thought it had been treated successfully, the cancer spread to Harrison's lungs, and eventually to his brain. He died in November 2001. His son Dhani and his good friend Jeff Lynne produced the album based on the demo tapes recorded in the years before George Harrison's death and "Stuck Inside Cloud” included

"Blackstar" - David Bowie 

Not having performed for almost a decade, David composed songs more diligently than ever before. Blackstar is considered the combination of many music genres, from Krautrock to hip hop, from pop to jazz. 

By: Christina Baker

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