Touching love lessons we can learn from “Five Feet Apart”

"Five Feet Apart" brings various emotions to viewers thanks to gentle love philosophies through the cast's honest acting.

"Five Feet Apart" revolves around the love story of a couple with cystic fibrosis. Every day they face a vague fear of death when fragile survival. Bringing true affection and loving to each other, they seek to “steal” a footstep among at least 6 steps away from the possibility of cross-infection. Together they treat, eat, date, spend happy times in love like other ordinary people.


They are Will Newman (Cole Sprouse) and Stella Giant (Haley Lu Richardson). The distance of these 5 steps for them is both fragile and too far away. It is the distance for true hearts to come together, the distance to fully embrace love and feel the breath of love in the clearest and true way. However, it is also a frightening distance when death always lurks with unfriendly glances from the people around. Between happiness and unhappiness, the love philosophy is spreading strongly in the hearts of the audience.

"If you are near them, touch them, because this life is so short that we waste a second."

Stella, the obsessive-compulsive girl, always likes things that are neat and orderly. Meanwhile, Will is a handsome boy, who is unruly, casual, adventurous like the wind. The original two pieces of the opposing puzzle seem to be difficult to reconcile but are actually a necessary complement for each other. This person brings a new wind to the everyday life of the other person.


When Poe (Moises Arias) - Stella's close friend died, she cried bitterly because of regret. She wished she could hug Poe once, say love him more, exchange comforting hugs. Additionally, when Will saw Stella fall into a puddle of ice, rushed to save her and performs CPR despite knowing he could infect her. For Will, it was important that Stella was alive, no matter how.

“If you love something, let it go.”

Before the life of his beloved one, Will accepted to leave Stella so that she could have a happy and healthy life with family and friends. In order to do that, Will was deeply distressed. However, leaving is not always bad. There are many times because of circumstances, fate, wanting the other person to be better and also to spend time changing for themselves, breaking up is a reasonable choice even though it is not easy to face.


“In love, always fight in any situation”

Music is a big plus for "Five Feet Apart". The song "Don’t give up on me" with sweet but sorrowful sounds conveys the spirit of the film clearly.

From a guy who doesn't like strict rules, Will becomes stronger, putting himself in exercise programs to cope with illness. He is also willing to do everything, including the most painful thing is to leave the person he loves to bring a better life to both. However, that is not definitely the end. It is just the end in a reasonable time, to be a springboard for a stronger return, with hopes and optimism about a full love.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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