15 Hollywood actors ever dubbed “Most Seductive Men” (Part I)

Black actor Idris Elba has recently been voted as the most attractive man on the planet Earth in 2018. Also, The Wrap listed the actors ever holding the same titles.


Idris Elba (2018):

The 46-year-old actor is voted as the most seductive man in 2018 by People. Idris Elba is a talented actor who has been featured in such well-known television series such as The Wire, Luther and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and Thor: Ragnarok. He is the second black person to receive the title,  alongside Denzel Washington (1996).


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (2016):

Hollywood's most expensive action star held the title two years ago. Fast and Furious actor is described as a sweet, smart and perfectly handsome gentleman. The Rock is living with longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian and their 3-year-old daughter Jasmine. Not only does he lead the beauty polls but he is also among the male celebrities with the highest income of the year.


Chris Hemsworth (2014):

Not only does "The Thunder God" have the attractive appearance but he is also dubbed an ideal husband and father. The 35-year-old actor has been featured in not only People but also the male beauty polls of other prestigious magazines. Besides, Chris Hemsworth has made a great impression on his fans as he is one of the Marvel's most beloved superheroes.


Bradley Cooper (2013):

A year after being nominated at Oscar thanks to Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper was called “the most seductive man”. Bradley Cooper has always attracted audiences by the ways he acted and made films. His image in the The Hangover series really fascinated the audiences. Recently, he astonished audiences when coming back as the director and the leading actor of the blockbuster A Star is Born.


Channing Tatum (2012):

21 Jump Street and Magic Mike star was honored to receive the title when turning 32. In 2012, both People and GQ, a magazine for male voted him as the movie star of the year. Recently, Channing Tatum has shockingly divorced his wife, a co-star in the movie Step-up in 2009 after years of living together.


Ryan Reynolds (2010):

After co-starring with senior Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, the Canadian actor was voted as the “Sexiest Man alive”. Then he continues building up his reputation within only several years to be one of the most beloved actors on the big screen, especially after Deadpool.


Hugh Jackman (2008):

The actor famous for the image of Wolverine on the big screen has been often featured in beauty polls for 17 years. He is renowned all over the world for his acting ability, strong masculine appearance and admirable personality. He is now living with his 14-year-older wife and their children in Australia.

By: Christina Baker

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