12 artists as inspirations for Taylor Swift's compositions

Can you mention the full names of artists who have fallen into Taylor Swift's songs?

No.1. Harry Styles


It is not surprising that the former member of One Direction is one of Taylor's most endless inspirations. The female singer shared with The Sunday Times that "I Knew You Were Trouble" is a song for Harry, especially with her performance at the Brit Awards 2013 in front of him.

No.2. Katy Perry


Taylor wrote a famous song about Katy, which is "Bad Blood". The song refers to her battle with Katy starting with a number of Taylor’s dancers leaving her tour and switching to Katy, who later referred to her as "Regina George (Mean Girl) in sheep’s clothing.”

No.3 & 4. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


"Look What You Made Me Do" is Taylor's response to the couple Kim and Kanye after a fierce and controversial battle between them in 2016 on Kanye's "Famous" song. If this first single does not only mention the Kim-Kanye couple but also the media, another song in "Reputation" - "This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things" is the real thing that Taylor is for only the notorious rapper - Kanye.

No.5. Calvin Harris


MV "Look What You Made Me Do" opens with a cemetery with Taylor in a zombie-like image and a tombstone for Nils Sjöberg in the background. After Calvin released the song "This Is What You Came For," the news revealed that Nils was Taylor, the co-author of the song. When the singer's agent revealed the information, Calvin accused her of attempting to break him as she did with Katy Perry. Fans thought that the tomb was Taylor's last greeting for the ex-lover who had tried to ruin her image.

No.6. Tom Hiddleston


When Taylor refered to an "older boyfriend in the club" while she met her current lover (Joe Alwyn) in "Gorgeous", everyone thought he was Tom. The timing of the relationship was consistent with the song. In addition, Taylor also dedicated the song "Getaway Car" to Tom. The song is about Taylor having to run away from a relationship that is no longer fun (with Calvin), and she uses another man to stay away from her old boyfriend.

No.7. John Mayer


The male singer should probably be proud of Taylor's rare mention of the title song. Taylor named her song "Dear John" after breaking up with singer John Mayer. John then shared with Rolling Stone: "I would say as a musician that the song was composed quite cheaply”.

No.8. Jake Gyllenhall


During the time they were dating, photos of Taylor wearing Jake's scarf were everywhere. After the breakup, the scarf was featured in two songs, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "All Too Well," which was rated by many magazines as the greatest works of her career.

No.9. Joe Jonas


After Joe broke up with Taylor in a pretty 27-second phone conversation, quite a few songs were inspired. In "Last Kiss," she talked about getting off the plane quickly on July 9th, the same night as Jonas’s concert in 2008. And in "Forever And Always", the lyrics focus more on Taylor staring at her phone.

No.10. Camilla Belle


After Joe broke up with Taylor, he quickly turned to Camilla Belle. And Taylor did not ignore this golden opportunity and immediately wrote a song for this actress: "Better Than Revenge".

No.11. Taylor Lautner


At the VMA 2009 awards ceremony, Kanye humiliated Taylor, which took place on September 13, 2009, and Taylor Lautner was also on stage to award the singer. Sources said that as soon as they left the stage, Taylor Swift was sobbing in shame, and Taylor Lautner himself hugged her in comfort. He later claimed that "Back To December" was about him in an interview in 2016.

No.12. Joe Alwyn


"Gorgeous”,  "Call It What You Want”,  "New Year's Day” and all love songs in "Reputation" are definitely about the British actor and also Taylor's current lover. In these songs, Taylor shared a happy one-year time with Joe without being followed, and the way Joe got her out of the mud.


By: Roxana Edwards

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