11 touching movies that will make you shed tears (Part I)

Love, family, war… the below works are considered as some of the most touching movies of all time with deep human values.


In a small town in British Columbia, a bus accident has killed all the children on the ride. The only survivor is Nicole (Sarah Polley). Some time later, a lawyer named Mitchell Stephens (Ian Holm) comes out of town and offers to help people here sue the bus manufacturer and force them to take responsibility for the traumatic accident. The film does not stop there as more and more unexpected truth is revealed.

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Butterfly Tongues is a touching film about Moncho (Manuel Lozano), a boy living in Galicia, Spain during the Civil War. Due to asthma, Moncho started school later than other kids. Moncho is rather shy because he is afraid that his teacher Don Gregorio will hit him, a school routine at the time. However, Gregorio doesn’t do such thing, and later he even becomes his good friend. The film depicts a life of turmoil in the context of political instability in opposition to the peaceful moments of childhood to see that nothing is happier than living in peace.

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Born in the context of the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics in 1872 in Berlin, the film is about the relationship between Emmi, a 60-year-old widow and Ali, an immigrant Moroccan who is living in his late 30s. They both meet in a bar and accidentally get to dance together. At the time, Emmi and Ali's affair was not a rare story. But whether you are German or Moroccan, the power of love can get you out of the scrutiny of the cruel world out there.

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The movie about Agnes (Harriett Andersson), who is living her last days because of cancer. Agnes' s sisters Karin (Ingrid Thulin) and Maria (Liv Ullmann) visit her at their Swedish suburban home. However, contrary to their warm appearance, Karin and Maria do not seem to care about her sick sister, they come for a different purpose. Only Anna (Kari Sylwan), Agnes's maid is really worried about her. Anna's daughter died a few years ago, so Anna can understand the pain that Agnes is experiencing.

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Pather Panchali is a moving film about the Roy family, a poor family living in the forests of Bengal, India. The father, Harihar, is a priest who spends most of his life away from home. Meanwhile, the mother, Sarbajaya, takes care of her daughter Durga and her son Apu with little pay. The film has great strength to those who are having difficulty in life, that no matter how much life challenges you, just hope, a weak light in the dark can still give you a bright future.

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AMOUR (2012)

Amour is about the couple Anne and Georges (Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant). Both are retired piano teachers living in Paris. The happy life of the couple suddenly changes when Anne twice suffers from stroke. She undergoes an operation that leaves the right side of her body paralyzed and she has to move with a wheelchair since then. The film makes people relentlessly think about the finite time of life when witnessing the two main characters come to their inevitable death.

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(To be continued...)

By: Cole Guthrie

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