10 potential candidates for Wolverine after Hugh Jackman

After Hugh Jackman's retirement, which actor can replace him to become a Wolverine on screen?

From the first appearance of Wolverine in “X-Men” in 2000 to his last appearance in Logan, Hugh Jackman and his character became a "monument" hard to overthrow in the mutant world in particular and MCU in general. However, when Hugh Jackman retires, which actor will be chosen to replace his position?

No.1. Joe Manganiello


The first name to be mentioned can take on the role of werewolf Joe Manganiello. Why? Because this guy played the werewolf in “True Blood”. Like Hugh Jackman, he also learned the wolves first before transforming into a character on screen to be able to fulfill his role well.

No.2. Norman Reedus


The second candidate is Norman Reedus. The American actor once played Daryl Dixon in the hit television series “The Walking Dead” of AMC. Before, Norman also starred in such films as The Boondock Saints, Floating, Six Ways To Sunday, Deuces Wild, Blade II, Gossip, Mimic, 8mm, American Gangster, Hero Wanted and Moscow Chill.

No.3. Joel Edgerton


Joel Edgerton is expected to be able to replace Hugh Jackman in upcoming films. Joel's talent is undeniable, so maybe he will accomplish well if given the heavy role. Most recently you can see Joel playing the role of Warrior with Tom Hardy.

No.4. Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal is probably the most popular actor on this list. Jake was born and raised in a family of celebrities: his father is the television director - Stephen Gyllenhaal, his mother is the famous Oscar-nominated playwright - Naomi Foner. But he rises up with his own efforts and with previous boxing experience, Jake promises to make a great Wolverine.

No.5. Luke Evans


The handsome actor who starred in “Fast and Furious 6” as well as “Lord of the Rings: Desolation of Smaug” will make a great replacement for Hugh Jackman. Especially after watching the most recent role of the Welsh actor in “Beauty and the Beast”, we can realize that he has more qualities to inherit the role of Wolverine.

No.6. Liam Hemsworth


Liam Hemsworth is Chris Hemsworth's elder brother, Chris, who is the actor who became the Thor in “The Avengers”.

Before losing Thor to his brother, Liam was the first choice for this role. And if this time Liam is chosen for the role of Wolverine then this is the perfect opportunity for the Hemsworth brothers to become the superheroes together.

No.7. Penn Badgley


With a thick beard and dusty exterior, Penn Badgley is also a perfect choice for Wolverine. If Penn becomes a werewolf, the American actor is sure to get a lot of fans.

No.8. Scott Caan


Scott Caan has shown off his outstanding character as Danny "Danno" Williams on the CBS series “Hawaii Five-0” and Scott Lavin in HBO's “Entourage”, so it's no surprise he's on the list.

No.9. Michael Rooker


What do you think if Michael Rooker transforms into a werewolf? This could be a potential version of Wolverine.

Michael Rooker plays Yondu in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and a lead in “The Walking Dead”. In his experience, Michael Rooker will blow a new wave for “Logan”.

No.10. Scott Eastwood


Clint Eastwood's son promised not to disappoint fans. The cause is that many of his fans have been calling him to replace Logan. Scott's youth is an advantage for him to take on many of Logan's films at the same time.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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