10 positive comments on “Avengers: Infinity War”

After watching the first 30 minutes of the blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War," the critics made many positive comments, which made Marvel fans eager to see the movie.

1. The movie is beyond imagination:


The director of "Guardian of the Galaxy" - James Gunn gave positive feedback and believed fans would be treated to a quality blockbuster. With just about the first 30 minutes of the movie, many previewers have confirmed that this is definitely the best superhero film ever made by Marvel Studios.

2. The characters are well built:


According to Chris Hewitt of Empire, the film has the ingenuity to build and introduce the character situation. It was a surprise for a huge story like “Avengers: Infinity War”. The story of the characters is of great concern when the film has more than 60 main characters. So, each character has a bit of space to express, which is a good sign. It is also interesting that the new armor of Iron Man and Spider-Man will be introduced clearly at the beginning of the film.

3. Changing movie’s rhythm:


Digital Spy said the tone and rhythm of the movie changed when different superhero groups appeared. The footage of “Guardians of the Galaxy” has a completely different look and feel compared to the scene in New York and Wakeman of Avengers. Many people gave praise to the Russo brothers when they flexibly changed the shades of the film to fit the style of each hero.

4. The style mix:


The film will be a mix between the cheerful styles of the Guardians and Thor, the humor of Iron Man and Dr. Strange and then the seriousness when Captain America and Black Panther begin to atc in Wakanda. In addition, fans will soon see the reunion between the Guardians and Avengers in the first scenes of the film.

5. Music of “Guardian of the Galaxy”:


It seems that the Russo brothers kept their musical unity in the movies of “Guardian of The Galaxy” when the superhero team joined in Avengers. The fans can trust that there will be a great soundtrack album after the movie debuts.

6. Bold humor:


Of course, the MCU's humorous brand continued in “Avengers 3”, particularly in the battle segment in New York, with the participation of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Wong and Hulk. However, critic Anton Volkov is not happy when the film has the harsh and rough humor than “Thor: Ragnarok”.

7. Continuous rhythm


Editor Tom Butler said that couldn’t say much, but only the first 30 minutes of this ambitious film made a good impression on how storytelling. The movie is continuous and fast transition between scenes. "The viewer will not have any moments to relax and rest," said Claire Lim on Twitter.

8. Hawkeye is still missing:


Digital Spy revealed that after the first 30 minutes of the film, Hawkeye gunner has not appeared. Whether Hawkeye and Ant-Man appeared in the war with Thanos was also a big question, which h prompted the audience to come to the cinema.

9. Must review to understand:


Twitter account Ali Plumb said that with only the first 30 minutes of the movie made the audience overwhelmed by the majesty, but not everyone could quickly capture background information. As a result, Ali said that a lot of viewers after the show would quickly buy a second ticket to review in order to feel and better understand every detail in this massive movie.

10. Special villains:


For those who are skeptical about building villains in the MCU, under the JOE.ie account, they will not be able to complain in the Infinity War. Some previews revealed that early antagonists (except Thanos) were portrayed better than expected. There are many special praises for Ebony Maw, who tortures Doctor Strange has ever appeared in the movie's official trailer.

By: Roxana Edwards

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