10 horror films worth rewatching (Part II)

Due to age-restricted film content and poor distribution (only available on online services like Netflix), these movies didn’t actually reach audiences.

No.6. They Look Like People (2015) 


Suspecting the surrounding people were turning into evil creatures, a suspicious man hesitated on the question of whether to protect his only friend from disaster or the madness of him. 

Film School Rejects praised the film as "a rare piece of work that unraveled the human mind behind the madness but was still impressive enough." The cast and talent of director Perry Blackshear in his debut were highly praised. 

No.7. Demon (2015) 


A groom was haunted by a demonic spirit on the day of the wedding. Not only worried to find a way to rescue the groom, the bride and groom’s family also had to deal with ghosts from the past. This horror thriller was inspired by the Jewish folk tales. 

Demon was rated 80 by Metascore but suffered a small boycott on the IMDb site. In addition, during the promotion of “Demon” at the Gdynia Film Festival, Polish director Marcin Wrona hung himself in a hotel room. The film became his last work. 

No.8. The Devil's Candy (2015) 


Horror movie is "fertile soil" for a series of haunted houses. But the work of director and scriptwriter Sean Byrne is truly a new breath, bringing a new flavor to the world of nightmare house. 

A struggling painter decided to move with his family to a house where its former owner had murdered his mother. At this point, the man had to find a way to fight the evil beings that haunted his mind. 

No.9. Shrew's Nest (2014) 


Nina grew up in the care of her sister, Montse. The only difference was that she was never allowed to leave the apartment where the two sisters lived. It became complicated when Carlos, a handsome neighbor who was injured, was taken to the room and broke the bond between the sisters. 

Mysterious atmosphere and the suspense covered the increasingly tense relationship and disagreements between the two girls. The movie also had a lot of violent and bloody sections that would make you feel scary. And the end of film imbued with tragedy. 

No.10. Kairo (2001) 


A group of people suddenly discovered evidence that souls were trying to invade the human world through internet. 

In the horror industry, it is likely that Japan will break Hollywood from odd and haunting ideas. It is perhaps because of its oddity that Kairo (Pulse) is somewhat less well-known. Still, it is still worth a try. The movie has a fan group called cult following. Additionally, it was copyrighted and adapted in 2006 by the US. 

By: Mithrine Smith

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