10 characters to be able to appear in “Avengers 4” (Part 1)

After “Avengers: Infinity War”, a lot of heroes wiped out by the random selection made the audience confused for the fate of the hero who has not appeared in the movie.

Let's list 5 of 10 new superheroes that can appear in “Avengers 4”.

1. Stature


In the comic, Cassie Lang later grew up just like her father to become a superhero nicknamed Stature and a member of Young Avengers - a group of heroic teenagers after the Avenger disbanded. She has collected enough Pym for many years to be able to zoom in or zoom out whenever she wants to be like her father.

If Cassie can join his father in the battle with Thanos, the time in part 4 is likely to be disturbed. If this is the case then this may be the intention of Marvel to introduce the young talent to replace some of the heroes preparing to retire.

2. Jane Foster


Jane Foster is an important character in the series of Thunder films, appearing and becoming Thor's lover in Thor 1 and the two broke up from “Thor: The Dark World”.

Also in the comic version, Jane played the role of a "goddess of thunder" for a time when Thor lost control of the god hammer Mjolnir. At that time, Jane replaced Thor's mission as a guardian of the Earth, a member of the Avengers and a human messenger.

Although the relationship between Natalie Portman and the MCU has had a lot of problems, Portman confirmed in February that she was ready to return to the MCU. Maybe, Thor's ex-lover would be an important factor in defeating Thanos.

3. Fantastic Four


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is undergoing some changes. There are obvious changes after the Infinity War as half of the MCU heroes have flown colour, but there are also changes after the new “Avenger 4” appeared as some veteran actors will leave the MCU forever as Chris Evans in the role of Captain America.

At present, Disney and Marvel Studios are trying to negotiate with Fox Studios and if successful, Marvel will be entitled to use a large number of new heroes such as Fantastic Four.

This will be a great offset for superheroes who have left and will leave in the MCU.

4. Rescue


Tony Stark's executive producer Pepper Potts is the love of Iron Man. She has appeared in Avenger 3, despite the fact that actress Gwyneth Paltrow is quite busy, she will definitely be back in Avenger 4. So what is the role of the woman in the new movie?

While Iron Man is struggling to witness the deaths of his Titan teammates at the end of the Infinity War, Earth's people still do not know who died but can’t leave the Earth unprotected. Potts will become a superheroine herself called Rescue.

5. Hank Pym


The Henry 'Hank' Pym is a biologist, physicist, and nuclear expert. Before Scott Lang, he also donned the suit of Ant-Man after discovering a chemical (Pym) that allowed the user to change their size. With his girlfriend, Janet van Dyne - the first Wasp, the couple became the first members of the Avengers.

According to reports, actor Michael Douglas as Hank Pym may appear in the Avengers 4. Actually, if the superheroes want to go back to the time in the movie debuted next year, Pym and Quantum Realm will play a key role in the MCU.

(To be continued)

By: Stephan Swift

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