10 amazing movies that give you a positive view on life (Part II)

When you are down, take a moment to relax by watching the movies below to see that life is much more beautiful.



The Intouchables (or Untouchable), a film starring François Cluzet and Omar Sy and directed by talented directors Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, is based on a true story. It talks about a meeting between Driss, a prisoner who has been released after six months for robbery and Philippa, a wealthy but paralyzed man from a paragliding accident. Driss comes to work at Philippie's when he is looking for a caregiver. Philippa agrees to let Driss take care of him because of his attitude. Not only does he not pity Philip, Driss also laughs happily with him. That makes Philippie accept Driss despite his past. Driss and Philippa have been getting closer and closer and helped each other a lot with life matters.

The film has the simple story but contains deep human values about emotions. In any relationship, respect and sincerity are the most important things. Beautiful friendship built from the ordinary material helped make the film the second most watched movie (after Welcome to the Sticks - 2008) after just nine weeks of release. This movie was nominated in many prestigious awards, including 8 César awards. Actor Omar Sy also won the César Award for Best Actor.


50/50 (2011)

Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is in the highest stage that anyone desires: career advancement, great love with beautiful girlfriend and a lavish life. Adam seems to have nothing to complain about this life. But suddenly one day, a severe back pain falls out of nowhere. Since then, his life officially goes to another turn. After learning that his spine is having a malignant tumor, Adam collapses completely. Expensive parties are replaced by visits to radiotherapy clinics. The most precious thing for Adam now is the chance to survive, not the valuable contracts.

50/50 is the story around the old theme - a fight against cancer, but it gives us a totally different feel. The film is based on the actual experience of Will Reiser - the screenwriter of the film when he faces the disease. This is a comedy drama with a mixture of humor elements and philosophy. Life always contains unexpected things. So, know the importance of health, positive lifestyle and cherish every minute to breathe this atmosphere.



About time is a romantic comedy film about the romance of Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdams). Tim, the guy who can go back to his past, has used this special ability to correct the mistakes his clumsy, timid self has caused. Destiny brings Tim to Mary and he  is attracted to her at first sight. By returning to the past several times to prevent Mary from seeing other guys, Tim finally realizes the dream of marrying Mary.

You might think the film only stops at the love story of the two main characters, but About time has a deeper meaning than that. From a shy guy, Tim gradually becomes aware of responsibility for his family. He uses his ability to return to the past to help his relatives, spend time with his family and tell people the words he could not say. With light, deep affection, the film leaves us pondering many of the value of life. Happiness does not belong to the past, nor the unpredictable future. It is in the present moment. Spend a lot of time caring the ones you love, because time will never come back.



The movie revolves around the dreaming life of Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller), a regular office worker who dreams of strange things. Walter sinks into endless dreams, turning himself into a bewildered man and making people laugh. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty takes viewers to such majestic landscapes, which are completely opposite to everyday life.

From Walter's mysterious dreams, it helps us realize one thing: to contemplate the world, to face danger, to look forward, to come closer, to find each other and to feel them - that is the meaning of life. Life is a long journey that each one must find his true self to realize what is true happiness. Dreams make life poetic, but immersing in dreaming is not the way to enjoy life.



This romantic movie is adapted from the same name novel by Hiro Arikawa. Shokubutsu Sukan is the simple love story between Sayaka (Mitsuki Takahata) and Itsuki (Takanori Iwata). Sayaka cannot work well and cannot cook either. She often has to buy food outside. One night, she finds Itsuki lying unconscious in front of her house. Waking up, he asks to stay at her house for half a year. Sayaka agrees and from there the two live together.

Watching the movie, viewer can immerse in the green space of grass, flowers and feel the peaceful life with nature. Sayaka and Itsuki's sweet, warm love is the dream of many people. Actually, we don't need a lavish life. Sometime, simple peace is the true happiness.


By: Emma Chavez

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