10 amazing movies that give you a positive view on life (Part I)

When you are down, take a moment to relax by watching the movies below to see that life is much more beautiful.



What a girl wants is the story of Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes), a girl who has everything that people dream about but she still is not satisfied. One day, she decides to go find her father, who left her and her mother because his royal family did not feel like her family was good enough. After meeting her father, Daphne had to give up her habit to learn to be a decent girl, a senior politician. Daphne, however, faces fierce protest from his father's fiancée and her jealous daughter. The more she tries to change her father, the more Daphne feels like she is no longer herself. One day, with the help of Ian (Oliver James), a kind young musician, Daphne realizes her true value. The film ends with Daphne's flawless bliss when the family reunites and a sweetly dance with Ian.

What a girl wants sends us a message about the meaning of ourselves. Every human being is a single entity. Why change to be someone else while you are special? Life does not give anyone everything, but it does not take away everything from anyone either. The key to happiness is not always getting what you want, but simply being grateful for what you have.



We all want a happy life. But what exactly is "happy"? Pondering about the same question, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) and his son (Jaden Smith) in The pursuit of happyness also make their own journey to find the definition of "happiness". It can be said that Chris's life is a whole series of difficult deadlock. The startup of his business is not going well, the Chris family is in a difficult situation, and the love with his wife is also broking. One day, after talking to a successful man, Chris decides to become a stockbroker. Struggling to beat many competitors, but Chris’s life does get better as expected. His wife, Linda could not stand it anymore. She leaves with their son Christopher. Chris is kicked out of his house, followed by huge debts.

You think Chris will give up? No, Chris still fight to win Christoper's custody and together, they start their life-changing journey. Wandering around, sleeping in the toilet… Nothing can make Chris give up. And finally, all Chris's sacrifices are paid off when he is admitted to a brokerage firm, then sets up his own million-dollar stockbroker company. It can be said that the persistent belief and effort have led him to this success. Not only for himself but also for Christoper, the greatest gift of his life.



The bucket list debuted in 2007 with the participation of two Hollywood veterans - Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) is a mechanic while Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) is a billionaire. Both accidently meet each other at a cancer treatment room during the last days of their life. Despite their different backgrounds, Carter and Edward quickly become acquainted with each other. They set up a list of things they want to accomplish before they officially leave this world.

During the trip, they help each other to fulfill their wishes and enjoy the final days together. The film, with a mixture of humor and deep affection, gives us a meaningful lesson. Even in the most difficult circumstances, optimism and willpower will help us fight with it all. Each day is precious. So, every morning, wake up, silently thank life for giving you another day to live and to love.


YES MAN (2008)

Yes Man is the story about Carl Allen, a banker who has two distinct lifestyles. At work, Carl always says "yes" to the loan agreement but he always say "no" to the offer from friends. Carl's boring life changes when he attends a conference where people are told to say "yes" to make things better. The biggest turning point with Carl is probably the agreement with beautiful girl Allison (Zooey Deschanel).

Besides the relaxing moment with comedy star Jim Carrey, Yes Man is also a special movie for those who have isolated lifestyle. The fatigue moments of life are inevitable, but just learn to look at things in a more simple way and grasp your opportunity when it comes.


EAT, PRAY, LOVE (2010)

Eat, Pray, Love is the "savior" for those who are lost, disoriented. Adapted from the same name memoir by Elizabeth Gilberts, this work reproduces the life of the author (Liz) on the journey to find the balance after many troubles. Unlucky in love, Liz is even more pitiful when she does not understand herself: no passion, no direction. Facing a dark future, Liz decides to leave everything to travel to Italy, India and Bali, hoping to have a fresh start.

Watching Eat, Pray, Love, people easily see their pictures in the movie. It is easy to understand that when one of us has spent the youth running the so-called perfect life, then at some point, we suddenly feel confused, lost in our thoughts. That is when our soul needs some quietness, some time to relax from the ups and downs of life. Elizabeth Gilberts's exciting journey also shows a new perspective on the human, on the image of an independent woman who dumps everything to find a way for herself.

(to be continued)

By: Emma Chavez

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