8 celebrities who coldly delete photos of ex-lover on social networks

Celebrities are sometimes very cold with their ex-lover. After breaking up, these are couples who wipe out the lover's traces on social networks.

The Weeknd


In the last months of 2017, after 10 months of dating, The Weeknd went ahead and deleted all the photos of her former lover Selena Gomez. This happened after Gomez rekindled a love story with Justin Bieber, so it may have influenced The Weeknd's decision to remove the name of "Wolves" from his photo-sharing history.

Taylor Swift


Calvin and Taylor Swift have had 15 months of dating together, but the two broke up a series of scandals that caused fans to regret. New love, new Instagram after the cozy image of Taylor Swift next to actor Tom Hiddleston in Rhode Island on the Internet, she detached from Calvin Harris and removed all her pictures on Instagram. They even deleted their tweets.

Calvin Harris


In addition to cleaning up all traces of Taylor Swift from his social media, Calvin also deleted the tweet before he publicly announced that Taylor Swift had written lyrics for Harris and Rihanna's hit song "This Is What You Came For".

Zayn Malik


The former 1D member is also on this list. After the breakup with Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, the male singer (now dating to Gigi Hadid) removed any evidence of a relationship with Edwards - but only after the blonde girl did it first.

Zac Efron


Zac Efron and Sami dated from the fall of 2014 and were first together in October. At that time, Sami was spoiled by fans of Zac. Last September, Zac and Sami shared sweet words for each other when they celebrated their 1-year anniversary. After breaking up, Zac removed all of his old girlfriend photos from his profile, and stopped following her on Instagram and Twitter.

Nick Jonas


The singer and Miss Universe 2012 began dating in August 2013 after meeting in Miss USA. The love of the two was always good, the fans still believed that soon the pair of talented boy and girl would also get married. However, the couple split up after nearly two years of dating. Accordingly, the reason why the couple can’t continue together was because of too busy schedule of both. Then, Nick decided to delete the photos from Instagram.

Joe Jonas


Gigi Hadid's long leg was said to date with the former member of One Direction - Zayn Malik after being caught off the party after American Music Awards. Then, Joe Jonas' photo with Zayn Malik was deleted.

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber's romance with Selena Gomez has consumed a lot of media puffs after many disagreements. However, when breaking up, Justin deleted the images of Selena Gomez. However, after breaking up with The Weeknd, the couple decided to return together. Hopefully this time, both will be sustainable.

By: Relly Jonas

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