06 movies to the joy of life when you're sad

Put your sadness aside to enjoy 6 movies in this article, you will feel more love life.

You are feeling depressed and do not want to talk to anyone, don’t gnaw sadness alone so look at the six films below. These are great mental remedies to help you find the joy of life.



Considered to be one of cinema's most memorable works, “Clueless” is inspired by Jane “Emma” novel of writer Austen and directed by Amy Heckerling. “Clueless” debuted in 1995, but for many years the fashion style and character of the cherished noble girl Cher Horowitz played by actress Alicia Silverstone still impressed audiences.

School of Rock


Since its inception, “School-of-Rock” has been a big hit and has been considered one of the best comedies. With a harmonious combination of humor and music, the film makes viewers feel optimistic and love life. Especially when the protagonist - a childish man and music fan named Dewey formed a new group, which has opened the interesting story.

The Last Days of Disco


The film revolves around a group of young people who love to indulge in disco music in a palace, where drugs and sex are free. There are people who come here to find love and also someone to look for something. But when the dance floor closes, they all question whether the dance floor ever really disappears? Everybody comes here for different reasons but everyone wants to find their love and beliefs. The movie brings many elements of humor but not irony, music and great dances will melt the hearts of all audiences.



Rushmore revolves around character Max Fischer, a poor guy with a very eccentric personality and pursuit of great dreams that are studying at Rushmore Academy. The young man has a crush on teacher Miss Cross whom his friend also likes, Blume, a local millionaire with a strange temperament. One side is friendship, the other is love. This triangular relationship is more and more complex and has a lot of trouble. The film highlighted the dark side in human emotions to help viewers understand that sometimes tears are better than the smile.

Singin’ in the Rain


"Singin 'in the Rain" is one of the most successful musicals of all time in history and a masterpiece of world cinema. The film is set in a period of transition from silent film to dialogue film and has created many famous trends, including the idea of dancing under the rain associated with the image of actor Gene Kelly. This symbol has opened a brilliant era for music video. The charismatic cast of the actors and the scenes are incredibly elegant with artistic beauty and aesthetic elements. Indeed, “Singin 'in the Rain” is a movie worth watching.



The film is the story of the abandoned child who was brought back by Santa Claus. Growing up, when Santa Claus revealed Buddy's true identity to him, he decided to find his father. Sadly, when his father met the son he discarded, he didn’t accept Buddy. However, Buddy did not easily give up, so he spent a lot of time trying to get his father and stepmother to accept. Looking at Buddy, people saw him as a nice and funny guy who knew how to overcome fate. Through the image of Buddy, the movie Elf conveyed a very thoughtful message that who you are and where you come from does not matter, the only important thing is you dare to do.

By: Roxana Edwards

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