6 Hollywood-star scandals caused by security camera

There are scandals of famous stars caught on the security cameras in the elevator or somewhere they did not expect. Then their names quickly appeared on the front-page headline of big-name newspaper with their scandals.

Solange Knowles and Jay-Z


In 2014, the security camera in the elevator caught the moment when Beyonce's sister Solange attacked her brother in law, Jay Z at the Standard Hotel in New York City. They never revealed exactly what triggered the fight, but Solange assured the fans that everything was fine.

Standard Hotel management said they had fired the staff who leaked a clip that was filmed by a security camera in a hotel elevator to the media because he had to be responsible for violating hotel security policy ".

Ariana Grande and statement "I hate the United States"


In July 2015, Grande and his boyfriend Ricky Alvarez were at a California bakery. When no one noticed, both licked and spat on the cake. Then, they bought the new pie.

It is worth mentioning that the dirty cake continued to be sold to other customers. Joe Marin, the bakery owner, said Grande’s ugly behavior was only discovered when security cameras were checked.

Not only that, many people watching the video also expressed their great displeasure when the Grande screamed: "What the hell, I hate Americans, I hate America." Although Grande apologized later, this statement is still an unforgettable scandal in Grande's career.

Orlando Bloom - Katy Perry - Selena Gomez


At a Las Vegas nightclub, Orlando Bloom was spotted being too close to Selena Gomez. Shortly after the images were leaked, Katy Perry broke up with British actor Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry is a star that never lets things like this be. For example, for her feud with Taylor Swift (who is also Gomez's best friend), and Katy Perry has forewarned Taylor Swift with several songs. Maybe her target in the future will be Selena Gomez.

Rihanna was suspected of using "banned substances"


Rihanna was suspected of using drugs in a new clip posted on Instagram. The clip was filmed at the time Rihanna attended the Coachella Music Festival and was quickly deleted shortly after posting. In the clip, the 27-year-old singer was sitting at the table with something like a thin white tube in her hand and her friends dancing around her.

Scarlett Johansson and Benicio Del Toro


One of the most serious scandals steming from the security camera happened to actress Scarlett Johansson and Benicio Del Toro, when a clip claimed that they had sex in the elevator. Of course, the sexy actress has denied this information. "If you've ever been to the Chateau Marmont elevator, you'll know you can barely stand, let alone do anything like that. But I'm not one for sex in public places—save it for the bedroom." Benicio Del Toro also denied this to Esquire.

By: Christina Baker

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