6 craziest things that ever happened to the Super Bowl halftime shows

As one of the most popular stages in the world, but Super Bowl has many times scandals live on the television.

No.1. "Left Shark" at Katy Perry's performance (2015)


Katy Perry's dance moves began with the arrival of "chameleon" on the giant tiger and four dresses in a blink of an eye, which was completely overshadowed by a dancer in a shark costume performing freakish moves.

Bryan Gaw, the man behind the "Left Shark" meme, recently confessed to NPR that this has always been part of what he calls a "freestyle dance". Bryan's funny actions have made "Left Shark" a popular meme, even a Halloween costume in the coming years.

No.2. Red Hot Chili Peppers performed with guitar... unplugged (2014)


When the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on stage with Bruno Mars during their Super Bowl XL VIII performance, the fans sensed that their guitar was not plugged in during the performance. Several days after the incident, a member of band, Flea confirmed that the entire performance except the vocals was recorded due to the request from the organizers. Sharing on the group's website, Flea said, "There are a billion things that can happen and ruin the sound of the whole performance, I think there is no need to argue about this."

No.3. Prince's guitar solo performance (2007)


Although Prince's performance is truly one of the best performances of all time, some critics still think he has a rough moment. When Prince performed the impressive guitar show under the rain, he shrank and his own silhouette of Prince and the purple guitar bearing the icon of the singer became quite obsessed with many people.

No.4. M.I.A's “rotten finger” on live television (2012)


Even though it was just a moment, the "rotten finger" that M.I.A had raised broke Madonna's performance at the 2012 Super Bowl as the camera could not blur the screen at the time. NFL sued M.I.A for $ 1.5 million for "deliberately violating the values that make up the NFL and the Super Bowl." They claimed that M.I.A broke the contract as a PR for herself and later raised the fine to $ 16.6 million. The rapper also responded with a video to resolve the case without being involved in the court.

No.5. Kid Rock and the American Flag (2004)


In order to show patriotism, Kid Rock cut a hole in the American flag and wore it during the performance and finally thrown the flag towards the audience. This action was believed to offend the national flag and caused the Veterans' Association to file a lawsuit against CBS. Fortunately, another controversy overshadowed the group.

No.6. "Nipplegate" of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson (2004)


In the final moments of "Rock Your Body" song, Justin Timberlake torn a piece of Janet Jackson's shirt, revealing a part of her chest. Janet repeatedly stated that this wasn’t for PR herself, and sincerely apologized to the audiences. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake responded to Hollywood: "Hey, we want to give people something to talk about."

By: Stephan Swift

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