6 changes when “Tomb Raider” video game is adapted into movie

The image of Lara Croft in the movie and the legendary video game may be the same but their adventures are completely different.

“Tomb Raider” movie was inspired by the same-name game that sold over 10 million units in its first release in 2013. Although the script has been built quite close to the original to please the fans of Lara Croft, many details that were changed to make it more suitable for movies have been rated as unattractive. Here are the six biggest changes in Tomb Raider when transforming video games into a movie. 

Lara's father


In game: Although he left his daughter orphaned at an early age, Lara's father spent much of his time caring for Lara. And Anna, a Trinity employee who was assigned to kill Richard Croft arranged for his death to be like a suicide.

In movie: Lara's father was an accomplished archaeologist under the cover of the successful businessman. After the death of his beloved wife Amelia, he neglected Lara and invested all his time and money to find a way to revive his wife. Therefore, he had no time to look after his little daughter.

Mature process of Lara


In game: Although Lara refused to inherit millions of dollars from her late father, she still went to school, did some work to support herself and become an archaeologist.

In movie: Lara didn’t choose college. She studied martial arts and lived a struggling life after her father disappeared. Even Lara had to do many things to make a living, such as giving letters by bicycle or accepting Boxing Challenge.

Lara's motivation for arriving at Yamatai Island


In game: Lara was invited to the expedition to Yamatai by famous archaeologist Dr. James Whitma and Lara's best friend - Samantha Nishimura, was assigned to record their adventures.

In movie: Lara Croft accidentally discovered her father was an archaeologist and all traces left by her father took her to Yamatai Island to find her missing father.

Lu Ren


In game: When making her adventures, Lara had 7 companions such as Sam who she met at the university and her guardian - Conrad Roth. They helped each other to survive on the island and find their way home. Lu Ren's character and his father never appeared.

In movie: Lu Ren was Lara's only companion. The reason was that 7 years ago, Lu Ren's father and Lara's father were missing together when exploring Yamatai. And now, Lara hired him to drive to that mysterious island to find out what happened.

The role of Trinity in “Tomb Raider”


In game: On Yamatai Island, there was a group of men who worshipped Himiko called Solarii Brotherhood and always looked for young girls to perform a sacrificial ritual. Trinity was the main rival to Lara until Rise of the Tomb Raider.

In movie: Trinity was an organization that sold antiques and had huge potential. They planned to revive and borrow the power of Queen Himiko, so they spent many years looking for the tomb.

Queen Himiko


In game: Himiko was a ruthless queen who possesses tremendous magical abilities, and she also used incantation to charm people. Additionally, Yamatai was her kingdom, not an island. Himiko's soul waited in the coffin for a suitable body for her rebirth. The queen also had a strong army under the name Stormguard that Lara had to fight with these people to rescue her friend.

In movie: Himiko was said to be a queen capable of possessing another person's body to rule forever. The corpse of the queen was sealed by too much danger, and those who found her tomb would have special powers. In particular, if anyone touched Himiko's body, it would be poisoned by a very dangerous disease.

By: Gitta Russell

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