5 interesting facts about the host of Oscar 2018: Jimmy Kimmel

What is interesting about the host of the year’s biggest movie awards ceremony?

Following Oscar 2017, Jimmy Kimmel will be on stage at this year's Academy Awards, becoming the program's lead.

After the misunderstanding of La La Land and Moonlight last year, the male host will have trouble dealing with difficult situations in this year's Oscars, won’t he? We have to wait until the night of the awards (on March 4 at local time - Los Angeles) to know. Now, let's explore five interesting facts about Jimmy Kimmel.

Popular Talkshow

Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Ryan Gosling on Talkshow.

Audiences know Jimmy Kimmel through talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The program was born in 2003, with the appearance of many famous Hollywood stars and initiated many trends on social networks.

With this program, Kimmel was dubbed 'the player of the TV.' Before that, male MC started as radio announcer and then became the MC of Win Ben Stein's Money and The Man Show.

An exquisite but subtle style


Jimmy Kimmel impresses the audiences with a gentle, subtle but intimate humor. Throughout “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” as well as many live award ceremonies, 50-year-old men have touched on many social issues with profound speech. Therefore, Jimmy's program is widely admired, especially the intellectuals. He has also trained at two universities, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Arizona State University.

Falling in love with his colleague


Jimmy Kimmel got married to Molly McNearney - the co-writer of his famous show. His wife has never thought to marry Jimmy before because according to her, the No.1 rule in office is not dating with the boss. In their wedding ceremony, Molly swapped the bride to tease Jimmy Kimmel. So far, they have had two children together. Before that, Jimmy had married Gina Maddy and broke up in 2002.

Strongly against gun control


Born in New York, Jimmy Kimmel moved to Las Vegas at the age of nine. Thus, when the shooting occurred in Las Vegas in October 19717, he was heartbreaking.

Jimmy had a touching speech on his show. He admitted that even though he wanted the comedy program to be filled with laughter, it was hard not to talk about the incident. At the upcoming Oscar ceremony, Jimmy is expected to talk about political problems in the past year such as gun use and assault.

About the Oscars


In spite of the fact that it was not his fault in Oscar 2017, Jimmy wishes not to repeat it this year. However, Jimmy Kimmel said: “That incident added dramatic effect to the 2018 Oscar”.

By: Roxana Edwards

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