4 smoking hot super heroines from film to real life

In real life, the beauties are even sexier, which burns the opposite eyes.


Jessica Alba:

Emerging from “Dark Angle” and “Fantastic Four” movies years ago, Jessica Alba at age 36 still possesses a fascinated beauty with her standard body, even if she is pregnant or has a baby. 


Jessica Alba's super heroine image is not too fussy but sexy. 


Not only the beautiful and sexy image in the film, the actress who is appreciated in the action scenes also has an impressive and charming fashion in the real life. The beauty often shows her curves in the hugging design to proof her beauty regardless of time. 


At the age of 36, Jessica Alba is still pretty and knows how to score points with modest designs. Not owning the big breast measurement or the hourglass shape, Jessica Alba still scores with toned body and smart modulation for the sexy designs. 


Halle Berry:

In the movie, "the girl" Halle Berry has impressed with a sexy leather suit just like the angels of Victoria's Secret. 


In life, the 51-year-old actress also knows how to show off her jealousy curves; especially her big breast measurement is up to 92cm. 


Halle Berry's favorite red carpet dress is the V-neck dress, which helps to show off the most natural pair of “two mountain”. Whenever the "girl" dresses bikini, the paparazzi must continuously take photos because of the fear of missing her beautiful moments. 


Gal Gadot:

Israeli beauty who won the Miss Israel in 2004 so it isn’t irresponsible when turning her role as an actress. She immediately becomes a magnet for millions of fans. With the height of 1m78 and possessing a body like supermodel, Wonder Woman by Gal Gadot can be considered one of the most beautiful super heroines ever. 


Gal Gadot's fashion style is not to say it! Anything she wears is considered a phenomenon. From the red carpet to the street, people just wish Gal Gadot quickly appear to watch her charismatic. 


Beauties of Israel dress up beautifully and charmingly in any moment.


Jaimie Alexander:

The angular face and the standard body of Sif in “Thor: God of Thunder” make people remember and wait for the sequel to come out quickly to see Jaimie Alexander. 


With a height of 1m75 and possessing a sexy outfit, the 33-year-old actress has been at the center of the media for many times as often seen through penetrating designs or daring cuts. Nevertheless, the public never judges Jaimie Alexander just because she is so beautiful. 


In real life, she is even sexier than that. 



By: Gitta Russell

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