The irreplacable role of information technology in cloud computing

Information technology is moving towards learning laborers, and that is the reason its part in cloud computing is immense.

Is information technology a part of cloud computing or vice versa? To get to know the situation, we must know the huge role of information technology in cloud computing.

Let's consider the possibility that the management and administration will require greater automation, which requires a change of staff mission responsible scripting code by production growth. You see, information technology can make more cohesive, help you need less hardware and fewer software deployment, but it also creates new structures. Information Technology is shifting towards knowledge workers. In this new paradigm, the technical workforce will have greater responsibility to strengthen and upgrade the overall business process.



The growing use of mobile devices, the popularity of social networking and other aspects of the evolution of the process and the information technology systems of trade, will ensure that work for community development; however, the development of enterprises will be eradicated from some of the traditional roles of staff development, so the process of systematic and organized configuration of the cloud model.


According to a recent survey of IBM, “New research of developerWorks” shows that the superiority of cloud computing and mobile application developers (see Resources) has shown that demand for mobile technology grow exponentially. This development, along with the rapid adoption of cloud computing around the globe, will require a very strong increase in the number of developers have knowledge of this field. To meet the demand for mobile connectivity is increasing, will require more and more developers to understand how cloud computing works how.

Cloud computing offers a virtually endless possibilities, eliminating concerns about scalability. Cloud computing let developers to access the software assets and hardware that most small and medium-sized enterprises can not afford to equip. The developer, using cloud-based Internet and assets as a result of this configuration, will have access to resources that can hardly have dreamed of in the past the past .



The administrators are the guardians and legislators of an information technology system. They are responsible for controlling user access to the network. This means they are on the cusp of creating user passwords and make the rules and the procedures for basic functions such as general access to the system properties. The advent of cloud computing will require adjustment of this process by the administration in this environment not only cares about the internal problems anymore, but also about relationships with the outside of his business and the concerns of cloud computing, as well as the activities of other lessees in a public cloud.

This changes the role of the firewall concept was coined by the administration and the nature of the common security procedures of the business. It does not deny the need to have people to protect the system. With cloud even bigger responsibility, not less. In cloud computing, administrators not only ensure data and systems within the organization, they must monitor and manage the cloud to ensure the safety of the system and their data everywhere.




The function of architecture is to model effective functioning of specific systems in the world of information technology implementation. Basic responsibility of the architect is to develop architectural framework of cloud computing model of the agent. The architecture of cloud computing is basically an abstraction of the concept of three floors, it is IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, so that enterprises can deploy specific approach cloud computing meet the goals and its initial purpose. Model abstraction layer functions of the developed so that those who make decisions and those infantry can use this abstraction to plan, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the defense procedures and processes of the information technology system.

The role of the architect in the age of cloud computing is devised and model a functional interaction of the layers of the cloud. Architects have to use abstraction as a means to ensure that information technology is playing its proper role in achieving the goals of the organization.

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