IBM brought Watson to the cloud platforms and data centers

IBM has just allowed AI software Watson to run on enterprise data centers and mainstream public cloud platforms.

Watson is an artificial intelligence software program developed by IBM for the purpose of answering questions raised in natural languages. This program is named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, Watson is being developed as part of a DeepQA research project. This program runs on computer systems with POWER7 processors. In 2011, this smart software program became a phenomenon after the big win in American television show "Jeopardy!", far surpassing other players in history.


Originally a research project, Watson has now been extended for use in many areas of both public and private management. Watson provides predictive analytics services through cloud computing. With natural language questions, users can get appropriate data analysis results. According to Forbes, the leading data and analytics platform Watson Anywhere was originally built for IBM Cloud, but can now be deployed in various environments including VMware, IBM Cloud Private, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

At the Think 2019 conference in San Francisco, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty has revealed information about Watson Anywhere. IBM Watson Anywhere is based on Kubernetes, an open source coordination tool that can be deployed in a variety of environments. Because the Watson Anywhere platform is built as a collection of micro services that can run on Kubernetes, it has flexibility and mobility.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty at Think 2019.

IBM bets big on Kubernetes. As a member of the Cloud Foundation and an important enterprise in the open source project, IBM provides Kubernetes as a service to the public cloud. IBM Cloud Private, the hybrid cloud platform from Big Blue, is built exclusively on Kubernetes.

According to IBM, Watson Anywhere offers two solutions: the Watson OpenScale and Watson Assistant. Watson OpenScale is IBM's open AI platform, used to manage multiple AI versions, regardless of where they are developed. Watson OpenScale also has the ability to explain how AI makes immediate decisions, enabling this technology to be more compliant and clearer.

Watson Assistant is IBM's AI tool, used to build a conversation interface into applications and devices. It is more advanced than the traditional chatbot. Watson Assistant intelligently determines when to look for results, when to ask users to clarify, and when to switch users to real employees for personal support. In addition, the Watson Assistant Discovery Extension allows organizations to unlock many details in unstructured data and documents.

IBM Watson Anywhere is seamlessly integrated with Cloud Private for Data. Such combination allows customers to manage multiple end-to-end data workflows, ensuring easy access for AI. IBM also plans to bet big on OpenShift of RedHat, which the company is about to acquire. The US technology firm expects this multi-cloud Watson strategy will help it compete better with its rivals.

By: Roxana Edwards

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