7 business lessons to succeed from the CEO of Oracle

Larry Ellison, the one who makes Oracle a software giant with 38 billion dollars in revenue, is the longest-running CEO in Silicon Valley.

1. Do not compromise with your competitors

Larry Ellison is considered the "cold-blooded" leader of Oracle, because he often does not hesitate to threaten, criticize opponents publicly in the media, or even sue his opponents to court.

Oracle with Larry initiated a big lawsuit with Google, accusing the world's largest search engine of illegally using Java when developing and building Android. In 2013, in a dialogue with Wall Street analysts, Larry Ellison confidently affirmed that Oracle was doing much better than its rivals SAP and Workday, and also revealed that Oracle's cloud computing was worth $ 1 billion, bigger than SAP and Workday combined.

In 2015, at Oracle's technology conference in San Francisco, Larry even confidently said that IBM and SAP were its two most serious competitors, but the company no longer paid attention to them.

2. Have unabashed belief in your strategy

Oracle, under the management of Larry Ellison, made one of the biggest acquisition of technology history when it spent $ 10.3 billion on PeopleSoft. The US Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit under the Antitrust Law to prevent Oracle from acquiring its business rival. Seven US states joined the lawsuit and affirmed that the merger would break the competition between 2 suppliers of enterprise financial management software.

In this context, Lary Ellison stood up against the allegations, spent 18 months of tough negotiations, and eventually won, helping Oracle to successfully buy Peoplesoft for $ 26.5 per share, equivalent to $ 10.3 billion.

3. Do not afraid to nourish rebellious elements

Ellison never wants to be around people who could only say "yes". The company's former veteran executives included Salesforce's Marc Benioff, Siebel Systems' Tom Siebel, PeopleSoft's Craig Conway and former Chairman of HP, Ray Lane. All of these people eventually compete with Oracle, but without them, Oracle will not be able to become an Oracle that we know today.


4. Let yourself be "obsessed" by the company's products

For the first time 30 years ago, Ellison came up with the idea of an Oracle database management system, and to this day, he still serves as the company's technology director, participating in the playback process to develop Oracle's data management software with many other products.

Ellison has always directed his vision of the future of technology in general and of Oracle in particular to Oracle products, such as internet-friendly data software designed in the 1990s, which was redesigned to be compatible with cloud computing technology in later years.

5. Work closely with people who directly produce

Oracle once had a team called "Oracle Red", consisting of engineers who have been with the company for decades. Ellison knows how to get rid of the gap to reach the talent in the company, especially the constructing and product-creating team.

6. Take a chance on big and difficult markets

In Oracle's conquered markets, Larry Ellison understands Japanese and Chinese markets better than any other company, including Microsoft.

Japan is a successful market for Oracle, and it is also a country especially loved by Larry Ellison. In 2000, shortly after the global internet and financial difficulties in the US, Oracle's Japanese subsidiary still raised $ 7.5 billion on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

7. Be ready to be humble and change strategies

Ellison changed his mind many times, and the latest time he put Oracle's product in the cloud market even though previously he decried and dismissed the idea.

He has moved from the "only built here" perspective to many ambitious M&A deals, moving from supporting Unix operating systems to Linux. He even collaborated with Microsoft, a long-time competitor, and strengthened his relationship with Salesforce's CEO, Marc Benioff, a major competitor to Oracle.


By: Peter O'Neill

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