Who is the world’s most beautiful woman in 2017?

This title was awarded to the movie star Julie Roberts by the People magazine. It is noticeable that this is the fifth time People has favorably given Julie Roberts this “award”.

People has announced the name of the woman they voted the most beautiful woman in the world in 2017 - that is movie star Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts is at the age of 50 now, but she still keeps her elegant clever appearance. She admitted that she felt really proud when this is the 5th time she has been given this title by People. It’s been 26 years since Julia Roberts was first on the cover of PEOPLE's World's Most Beautiful issue, and she’s still our favorite pretty woman.

The mother of three children in life is a simple and discreet person. She barely shares her personal life and is only willing to talk about her film projects. The star born in the State of Georgia has been nominated four times for the Oscars and received one award for her role in Erin Brockovich (2000).

Julia Roberts received an award in Culver City California in June last year. This is among rare events that the actress of “Pretty Woman” has attended over the past years.

Julia Roberts attended the premiere of the film Money Monster in the Cannes Film Festival in May last year. The mother of three children once said that her first priority is her children, not her career.

Although she is one of the highest-paid actress on the planet ($20 million for a role), she lives very simply and “privately”. Owning a property of nearly $20 million, the actress pays much attention to charity and social activities.

Emerging in the 1990s thanks to the smash romantic comedy Pretty Woman reaching the box-office receipt of $500 million all over the world in that year, Julia then left great impression with a series of roles in films such as My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), Conspiracy Theory (1997), Notting Hill (1999), Runaway Bride (1999), Ocean's Eleven (2001), Mona Lisa Smile (2003), Ocean's Twelve (2004), Charlie Wilson's War (2007), Valentine's Day (2010), Eat Pray Love (2010)...

With bright smile and wide mouth, Julia is a natural and charismatic beauty symbol in Hollywood. She has been also paid millions of dollars to advertise Lancome cosmetics.

Julia Roberts has got married twice. She is now living with director Daniel Moder. They have 15 happy years of living together and 3 obedient children (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 12, and Henry, 9). She reflected on how she found confidence after her “awkward” early years — and how she found her own fairy-tale ending. “I mean every day my husband walks in the door it’s like a recurring dream. I’m like, ‘Ah, he’s back!’ “With this “pretty woman”, there is nothing more satisfying.


By: Christina Rose

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