Which beauty trends will take the throne in 2018?

Beauty has never been easy when the trends are still constantly spinning. Get your hands on the latest beauty tips promised to sweep in 2018.

1. Lipstick


Surprisingly, lipstick has taken the number one spot in the list of new beauty trends. Obviously, the presence of lipstick along with the beauty followers is certain. So, where is the difference?

Forget the lipstick for lips only. Lipstick is now transformed into a versatile tool that can be used to replace eye makeup, blush or eye concealer. Now do not worry about carrying tons of cosmetics around, lipstick will help you fix it right away.

2. Bold eyeliner


The trend repeats with Queen Cleopatra's eyeliner. Let’s try to remember the image of the queen, the brightest area on her face is exactly the eyes. They reflect power with thick and strong eyeliner, combined with fierce black eyelashes. Your eyes will become more attractive and powerful with this kind of eyeliner. It will be an eloquent statement of the owner's fashion sense.

3. Bright colors


Ignore the makeup with nude or smoky eyes, 2018 will be the golden age of the more brilliant colors – said the makeup expert Robert Sesnek when he shared with fashion magazine ELLE.

Along with him, the site of art photography, Pinterest, after conducting a small survey, reported that eye photos with bright colors have increased by about 63 percent. Let’s buy some eye makeup products with bright colors immediately to catch the trend after listening to this news.

4. Doll eyelashes


If you want your eyes to be rounder and bigger, then the 60s style eyelashes will fit you really well. This is also one of the top trends that will drive women crazy in 2018. Long eyelashes with clear curls will create such irresistible charm, since they are made up of fierceness and a bit of subtlety.

5. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


It can be said that the birth of Fenty Beauty is a revolution for the beauty industry. Because of that, owning this cosmetic line will help you become an authentic beautician. Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty with 40 types of foundation and 30 types of concealer to suit various skin tones.

6. Individualism in makeup style


Do not force yourself to follow to any ideal model, let your beauty shine with your own style. This is a trend that will explode in 2018. According to experts, the structure of each person's face is different, from the skeleton to the size of the facial parts. No product can be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you ladies should equip yourselves with the appropriate beauty knowledge to your face. It will be your tool to shine with your own style.

7. Thin layer of foundation


Previously, most women loved the impressive appearance that suited the common standards. Therefore, they tended to prefer makeup with clear, sharp lines. The disadvantage of this type of makeup is that the foundation layer is often thick, which causes the skin to feel heavy and unnatural despite its high coverage. With that in mind, make-up experts suggest that thin, natural foundation layer might be better.

8. Glowing skin


The beauty industry of Korea seems to have the power to spread everywhere: thick to thin, natural foundation layer and matte to glowing, more vibrant skin. And 2018 will be a revolution for this shiny trend.

9. Crystals


It will not be a surprise if in 2018 you constantly see various accessories with the beauty of crystals, starting from Kim Kardashian's enthusiastic promotion. Kim Kardashian's new fragrance collection has opened a new era for the application of crystals to the beauty industry.

10. Ultra violet


After the Pantone Color Institute announced that ultra violet would become the main color of 2018, a wave for new creative ideas was formed. And surely, 2018 will be a year filled by violet. It started with the fashion house Gucci when they pioneered in promoting this color.

11. Red highlighter


The final trend in this explosive list is red highlighter. It seems a bit weird, but makeup artists think that this is a new breakthrough. Red highlighter suits many different skin tones, and it’s also easier to impress thanks to the hot shade. And the key is that red highlighter will somewhat change stereotypes about the use of colors on the skin.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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