What do French women do to get a slim waist?

Spending hours with the exercises to have a flat belly is not the only lifestyle that women need to do every day, but also many other habits to do.

Having a flat belly is the dream of millions of women. Spending hours with the exercises to have a flat belly is not the only lifestyle that women need to do every day, but many other habits to do. 


Here are the daily routines that French women are always doing that women can refer, according to boldsky. 

Choosing organic foods 


Talking about healthy foods, we often ask ourselves what to eat to keep our health and at the same time to quench our appetite. Should focus on the quality of food, avoid frequent greasy food and preferably eat steaming. In addition, choosing organic foods like green leafy vegetables, skinless chicken or tuna is also a habit for French women. 

Chewing slowly 


Chewing and swallowing fast, you have to face the most obvious consequences is the bulged belly due to improper digestion. Chewing slowly makes the food easy to digest and will not allow extra calories to be stored in the belly. 

Eating foods high in protein 


Protein is a very important factor for the body because it builds blocks to maintain, grow and energize the body. You can supplement high protein foods like eggs, tofu and nuts in your daily diet. Protein breaks down into an amino acid and eliminates depression. When we’re depressed, we often eat more or sit idle - habits that form abdominal fat over time. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a proper diet to eliminate abdominal fat. 

Using olive oil 


Change daily cooking oil with olive oil. Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which are lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. You can use olive oil as a spice for salad as it will not only enhance the taste but also help reduce body fat. 

Drinking water without calories 


The habit of drinking fruit juice with preservatives will increase the amount of fat that is not good for health. Instead of choosing caloric water like milk tea, canned fruit juice, choose fresh homemade juice because you control your nutritional content on your own. Drinking calories will make you fat and is not good for your skin. 

Spending half an hour doing exercises every day 


Exercises should be a regular part of your schedule when you are aiming for the perfect look. Walking early in the morning, getting up frequently, jogging or walking can simplify the metabolism of the body and help reduce fat through sweating. 

Moreover, after exercises, we tend to increase the amount of water that helps to remove toxins from the body. Therefore, try to exercise, not only in the morning but also in the evening, especially at noon to burn more calories. 

By: Oralie Smith

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