Vintage girlish makeup tutorial

A lovely makeup that suits your everyday look.

Face makeup

- Apply a tinted paste ginger color on the cheekbone area to tone down the complexion, and also stroke the outer face line to give some shades.


- Apple a peach beige colored blusher from cheekbone to entire cheek.

- Get rid of the oil on the skin by applying press powder.



Eye makeup

- Apply a tinted paste ginger color lightly on upper and under eyelids.

- Apply a peach brown eye shadow on top of the cream base, and connect it to the nose.


- Give some shade on the double eyelid line using a mocha brown color.

- Draw the eye line using a reddish brown eye shadow.


- Fill in the waterline using a mocha brown eyeliner.

- Curl the eyelashes and apply brown mascara to express delicate eyes.



Eyebrow makeup

- Make the eyebrow horizontal shape using a brown shadow.

- Apply a light brown colored brown mascara.



Lip makeup

- Apply a tinted paste ginger color on the lip line.

- Apply and orange pink color of matte lipstick on the middle.




All credit goes to: Jung Saem Mool




By: Lauren Bailey

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