The use of rose water in the journey to conquer beauty

Is rose water actually toner? Besides being a popular beauty product, what is the use of rose water?

Many people actually think rose water and toner are the same. In fact, toner is a balanced water containing hyaluric that consists of many types such as roses, green tea, herbs. Rose water therefore is only a small part of toner. In use, rose water and toner all work to balance the pH on the skin, help remove excess oil, dirt, soothe the skin and increase the permeability of skincare cream.

We often hear about the indispensable use of rose water, which is a step that can not be ignored in the skin care process. But many women still use rose water in a careless way without understanding its real benefits, reducing the effect of this skincare product. If you are fascinated by the scent of this charming flower, do not overlook the benefits of using rose water.

Here are some benefits of rose water for your skin:

Moisturizes the skin

Essences from roses and vitamins affect the cuticle deep inside the skin, helping skin to retain moisture and firm skin. Simultaneously using rose water will balance pH for the skin after cleansing and act as a method to open the door for skincare cream to penetrate the skin. So after washing your face, use a little rose water to pat your face.


Soothes the skin

Sometimes, the facial skin after exposure to sun often feels burning, uncomfortable. In this case, you can use rose water to soothe and return the skin to a balanced state.

Fight acne, dermatitis and eczema

The anti-inflammatory essences in rose water can reduce swelling for acne and cleanse pores. For a simple treatment, mix one tablespoon of rose water and one tablespoon of lemon juice, then gently use the mixture to cover the acne skin for 15 minutes, and rinse with clean water. A few times using this liquid, you will feel the positive change on your skin.


Regenerates skin cells and skin tissues

You can make your own mask with rose water, lemon juice and glycerin. The mixture will regenerate the tissues, keeping your skin perfectly soft and smooth.

Prevents signs of aging

Rose water can make the crow's feet, wrinkles on the skin fade away, at the same time provide nutrients to help your skin firmer. Therefore, rose water is like a miracle that delays the aging process, so women in any age should be friends with this product.


In addition to the typical uses with skin, rose water also benefits certain parts such as:

- Treats dark circles and puffiness

- Is used to make a DIY lip balm

- Creates relaxing aroma in the bath

- Treats oily skin and infections caused fungal skin

- Heals scars, cuts and wounds

- Is a hair care essence that reduces dandruff


By: Lily Haney

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