This invisible jewelry always accompanies Hollywood beauties

You must be curious what the indispensable jewelry of world’s top stars is. It is perfume. Here are the fragrances popular with the most favorite stars.

Selena Gomez – Daisy Eau So Fresh


Selena Gomez is an attractive gentle artist with exquisite fashion sense. More specifically, her musical style is a unique mix when building the artistic MVs combined with easy-to-listen music. One of the perfumes that Selena Gomez often uses is Daisy Eau So Fresh

Launched in 2011, Daisy Eau So Fresh is a line of products designed specifically for women with distinctive aromas of flora and fruits. Daisy Eau So Fresh retains the soul of the mischievous, cheerful designer but a little more gentle and irresistible. And it does fit well with the one-time Disney actress. 

Beyoncé – Fleur De Rocaille 

Beyoncé always has a sexy look in front of the audience with the luxurious and unique outfits. One of her indispensable invisible jewelry is perfume.


Some of the perfumes that celebrities use are ones that few people listen to - like this perfume. Beyonce always has a great smell in clothing and music, including mimosa, lily, amber, sandalwood, musk, cedar and even roses and carnations. It is a very beautiful scent.

Britney Spears – Feminine

Perhaps Britney Spears is not a culture icon, however, no one can deny her influence in pop music. Therefore, Britney Spears has been still loved by the audience in her 20-year career.


One of the most popular perfume bottles Britney Spears often uses is D & G's Feminine. Feminine was launched in 2011. In addition, Granny Smith apple and almond candy are the two flavors you can easily feel the most when using this perfume. It makes her irresistible sweet. 

Madonna - Hypnotic Poison

A sexy icon like Madonna cannot go out without perfume, that is one of her unspoken rules. Madonna has still kept her ageless appearance although her heyday’s gone.


Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior is an oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Hypnotic Poison was launched in 1998. With a feminine and unique scent, the image of a young dancer Madonna is forever in the mind of audience. 

Emma Watson - Be Delicious 

Emma Watson is one of the A-listers of feminism and beauty. Not chosing the major brands as well as fashion trends, Emma is always outstanding in the eyes of the crowd. 


Donna Karan's DKNY Be Delicious for Women perfume was launched in 2004. This perfume is for women who like simple things but love showing her sweet and feminine nature. And of course, it's perfectly suited to Emma Watson as well as her style.


By: Christina Baker

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