Surprising effects of wearing makeup

It comes as no surprise to know that makeup can help you protect your skin from the carcinogen.

Wearing makeup is an indispensable step for women when going outside and with the increasing demand for beautifying today, the girls always wonder whether cosmetics are really good for their skin. They always thought that wearing a thousand layers of makeup on the face would cause pimples, which causes premature skin aging.

The truth is instead of just using only sunscreen, wearing makeup might have positive effects on skin cancer and aging prevention.

However, you really do not have to worry too much because according to recent research studies, wearing makeup does not only give women a pretty and beautiful face but also can help them fight skin cancer, especially the skin under the eyes. In particular, it's better for your skin than just applying sunscreen.

Wearing make-up is considered a 'shield' which is against skin cancer, and it works best on the skin under eyes.

To illustrate this point, the Australian College of Dermatologists has carried out the thematic study of women's makeup and beauty products including foundation, powder, eyeliner, and lipsticks in Sydney in early May. The results are astounding as the daily makeup does not work as bad as we often thought.

Both cosmetics and sunscreen have great benefits to keep your skin from damaging in the long run.

According to Phillip Artemi - a research group representative, cosmetics have a unique 'blend' of SPF components, colorants and antioxidants that are capable of fighting skin cancer or anti-aging. To further clarify, he said that sunshine not only has UVA and UVB rays but it also produces many kinds of bad radiation that negatively affect the skin, which makes the skin dry, and causes wrinkles.

Different types of cosmetics help to protect your skin at different levels.

In addition, the top dermatologists said that cars, trucks and air pollution is the cause of serious skin damage. As a result, the notion of 'saying no to make-up for having a healthy skin' is no longer appropriate. No wearing makeup can cause thin fragile skin beyond your imagination. And the miracle is that the cosmetics you choose during wearing makeup will have different levels of protection for your skin.

You should ‘create a barrier’ to protect your skin from environmental pollution.

In addition to the combination of sunscreen with cosmetics containing SPF, the cleaning of the skin is very important. Make sure that you clean and wash your face when you come back home to have a smooth and youthful skin. So you not hesitate to spend money on buying quality cosmetic products without being afraid of damaging your skin.


- Remember to clean the skin thoroughly with cleanser at the end of the day.

- Each week no wear makeup at least 1-2 days.

- Make-up often makes your skin dry, especially when sitting in a room with air conditioner, so prepare a bottle of mineral water spray for instantaneous water supply.

By: Samanthan Lane

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