Surprising beauty tips of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is not a fan of makeup and expensive cosmetic products. Not only is she a famous and wealthy singer, but Taylor Swift is also a beauty icon.


People all around the world admire Taylor Swift for her talent and exceptional beauty. She can win any man’s heart with that perfect face and body, and those hot legs. 

Let’s see how the 27-year-old singer maintain her beauty! 

She loves to eat and cook 


It is hard to imagine that a star like Taylor Swift is passionate about cooking, but that's exactly what's going on! Taylor stays in the kitchen very often because she has an endless passion for food. Unlike many girls who are struggling with their severe diets just to own a slim physique, Taylor is not a weight gainer so she can eat everything she likes.

However, in order to own the current attractive body, the singer always limits the amount of sugar, coffee and carbonated drinks in her diet. Instead, she loves to have a lot of water, yogurt, sandwiches and salads. She never starts her day without a big breakfast.

She goes jogging everyday and look at those legs! 


In fact, Taylor does not exercise to lose weight like many other girls do, but she is aware that, without those firm and long legs, she would be much less attractive! That’s why the pop star spends one hour every day running and jogging. 

She knows red lips is mighty enough 


As a matter of fact, Taylor is not so interested in makeup, and she is not an expert in that field, also! Nevertheless, she has already owned a sharply beautiful face and a perfectly smooth skin, so a red lipstick is enough for her to appear anywhere. In particular, red is Taylor's favorite lipstick color, as it makes her look outstandingly radiant, confident and powerful just like a queen. 

Taylor often applies a thin layer of lipstick first, then she uses a tissue to clean, after that, she puts on a second layer, and repeats the steps until she has her perfect color. That is probably the reason why despite using the same lipstick, hardly do other girls have such a fresh and impressive color like Taylor does. 

She does not need costly products to nurture her skin 


You might think that, for a wealthy woman like Taylor Swift, the use of expensive, or even extremely expensive cosmetic products is notorious. But no! She is so lazy that she often stops by any cosmetic shops (which have to be near her house) and buys anything they recommend. She even uses night cream for both night and day!

By: Chris Stewart

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