Soft Feminine Makeup Tutorial

An easy yet feminine makeup look.

- Use a peach base for bright looking skin. Apply it mostly to the center of your face, then spread it outward.


- Apply foundation on your face, spread it with a brush for a natural texture.


- Use a little concealer, not too much so it doesn't look cakey.


- Apply pressed powder with no coverage to the entire face, using a powder brush.


- Draw natural, straight eyebrow.

- If your brows are too thin, use thin eyebrow tattoo pen to draw individual hairs in the empty space.


- Use contour shadow to naturally add shadows to the features.

- Apply apricot brown eyeshadow widely to the entire upper and lower eyelids.

-  Add matte brown eyeshadow.


- Draw your eyeline with a brown pencil. Make its tail straight and not too long.

- Use shimmery ivory shadow on the inner corners.

- Use a curler to carefully curl up both your lower and upper eyelashes.

- Apply black mascara for upper eyelashes and brown mascara for lower ones.


- Add some light pink blush to your cheeks.

- Apply a hyderating and weighless coral lip tint.



All credit goes to: PONY Makeup



By: Dinah Longoria

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