Six steps for a perfect skincare routine

Daily skincare is becoming increasingly important for women, especially for women with acne, premature and aging skin.

Dermatologist Michele Farber of the Schweiger Dermatology said, "It's important not just to pick the right product for your specific skin type, but to lay it out exactly." Yes, just as a dermatologist says, it is important not only to choose the right product for your skin type but also to use it properly in the most effective way. The basic skincare tips that dermatologists recommend are summed up in six steps:

Step 1: Cleanser

First we need to find a suitable cleanser for our skin. According to Dr. Farber, "People with dry skin should wash with ingredients such as ceramides and glycerin, and if your skin gets drier, choose an oil-based facial cleanser," she said.


Dr. Zeichner said women with oily skin should find a gel-based formula, while impurities can be removed only by using micellar water. And although washing the face twice a day is ideal, the most important time to clean is at night, because you need to clean the dirt, excess oil and makeup after a day.

Step 2: Rose water (Toner)

When your face is cleaned, it is also the best time for the skin to absorb nutrients from toner. "Except for those with very oily skin, I advise everyone to use non-alcoholic toners," says Dr. Zeichner.

You should not use too much rose water for a day, as it can make the skin dry. In addition, you should find out what type of toner suitable your for skin as advised by the doctor to maximize the effectiveness of toner.

Step 3: Eye cream

Eye cream should be applied before other skincare products, because strong ingredients such as glycolic acid or retinol in face cream will accidentally accelerate the aging process around the eye area.

Step 4: Serum

Use serum regularly as a special treatment for the skin, as they will help you get rid of skin problems such as dry skin, dark spots and acne. Serum can be used during the day as it contains antioxidants which protect the skin from aging. Vitamin C serum is also one of the best antioxidants.

At night, we should use serum as it will help you regenerate our skin when sleeping. Serum gives the skin the reparative ingredients and stimulates collagen production, when you wake up you will have a smooth, revived skin.


Step 5: Moisturizing cream

Moisturizers not only hydrate the skin but also help retain the ingredients applied to your skin effectively. In day time, a light moisturizer should be used and a cream to help skin produce less oil is more suitable at night.

Step 6: Sunscreen (SPF)

It is essential to use sunscreen to protect the skin during the day. Using regular sunscreen will keep you away from damage, aging and skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays.


By: Noah Miller

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