Romantic spring makeup tutorial

Fresh, lovely makeup tutorial for the spring.

- Makeup Base - RMK Control Color #01 Silver

Apply at the center of the face to make it look more dimensional. Quickly blend it out. It gives a transparent glow, which makes your skin look brighter.

- Foundation - RMK Gel Creamy Foundation #102

Start from the center of the face, moving outward. When you're done, carefully go over the areas around the nose or eyes with what's left on the brush. 


- Foundation - Shiseido Spot Cover Foundation #S100

Apply one thick line onto the dark circles area. Then blend it out with the brush, in light sweeps. With the tips of your fingers, lightly pat to even the under eye area.

- Brow pencil - Makeup For Ever Eyebrow Pencil #02

Use this light brown brow pencil to draw your eyebrows.


- Eye shadow - MAC Eyeshadow Soba

With a grayish brown shadow, gently sweep from the inner color of your eye, using a thumbnail-sized brush. Then, make a turn, then connect it to the mid-eyelid.

With the remaining shadow, gentle contour the sides of your nose.

- Eye shadow - too cool for school Dino Platz Eyeshadow On Flatiron

Apply the lavender color as base. From the mid-eyelid, blend out. Wipe off your fingers a bit and blend out the edges in light pats.

Use peach gold shade for the medium color. Apply the shadow throughout the crease area, as well as the lower lash line in a thick layer. 

Continue with the bronze shade and goat hair eyeshadow brush. Start with the corner of the eye, then roll out inward. For the lower lash line, start from the outer corner, half way through the center. 


- Eyeliner - CLIO Gelpresso Water Proof Pencil Gel Liner #009 Hawaiian Orange

Sweep gently from the inner corner of the eye to the center. Then, gently blend out with your finger toward the center before it dries up.

-  Eyeliner - CLIO Gelpresso Water Proof Pencil Gel Liner #012 Gold Shine

On the lower eyelid, fill in from the inner color to the center, then slightly sweep with your finger to blend out before it dries up.

Also, add a little on the junction of the eyelids to make your eye pop, then blend with your finger before it dries for a more natural look.


-  Eyeliner - Tonymoly Black Gel Eyeliner #1 Black

Start with the waterline, fill the central part. For the inner corner, thoroughly fill the space between the eyelashes and move outward. Add a layer above the area you just fill in. Slightly swing out the eyeline upward.

Apply the gel eyeliner on the lower eyelid, from the outer corner to the center, outside the waterline. 

- Mascara - Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Slightly add a thin layer of mascara on your eyelashes.

- Blush - Chosungah22 Real Cheek Smoother #Satin Peach

Use a whipped blush to blend the blush on your cheeks.

- Lip tint - Evas Rose Mine Plumpy Tint #1 Roseberry

Apply the tint directly at the center of your lower lip. With a brush, blend out before the color sets in. Same for the upper lip. 

To add more volume, wipe the tint of the brush a bit, and sweep accross the center off your lips.


- Treatment oil - RMK W Treatment Oil

Use this to finish your makeup to add some glow.


All credit goes to: Pony's Beauty Diary



By: Iris Shailene

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