Natural Sultry Makeup Tutorial

A makeup that's towards a neutral tone and it's easy to pair it with any outfits.

- The Body Shop Chocolate Box Shimmer Cubes 06

Apply the eye shadow on your eyelids and under lower eyelashes, using a brush.


- L'Oreal Paris True Match Brush Rosewood

Add a little brush above the creases and under your waterlines.

- The Body Shop 301 Pink crush + MAC Fleur + ELF eyeliner brush

Using the brush, apply them on your eyelids, inner eye corners and a little under eyebrow (at the end only).


- MAC Carbon -  The Body Shop Slanted Brush

Draw the eyeliner on your upper eyelashes.

- L'Oreal Paris Double Extension Curls + ARDELL Soft touch 152

Apply the mascara on your eyelashes, a little only. After that, wear faux eyelashes of your choice.


- MAC Espresso + MAC 109 Brush + Bobbi Brown Eye brow brush

Contour on both sides of your nose. Then blend it evenly using your fingertips. Aso, apply the eyeshadow a bit more on your C zone.


- L'Oreal Paris True Match Brush Rosewood + MAC 109 Brush

Apply the brush evenly on your cheeks.

-  Revlon colorstay concealer light medium + Etude House Dear My Lips Wish Talk #pk001

Using your fingertips, dap a little concealer on your lips, then rub lightly. 

Continue to apply the lipstick on your lips with your fingertips. Then add a little bit dark tone if you feel like.


All credit goes to: sichenmakeupholic






By: Emma Lane

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