Miss International 2017: Colombia's got strategy, what to expect from Venezuela?

Two divine beauties who were estimated to compete in the severe Miss Universe turned out to have a battle in Miss International 2017, promising a lot of excitements.

Talking about Venezuela, Colombia or Philippines, people will momentarily think about countries which are home to the world’s best beauty queens. In order to be the beauty powerhouses of the world, these countries have made incredibly great efforts to discover and to train their beauty divas.

With 07 Miss Universe crowns, 06 for Miss World, 07 for Miss International and 02 times winning Miss Earth, together with countless times they have taken the spots of runner-ups or finalists, Venezuela is always the biggest obstacle for any other countries on the path to the crowns.

When it comes to the strategies, Venezuela is definitely the best expert. Venezuelan fans still remember how they were intensely wishing a triumph for Edymar Martinez in Miss Venezuela 2014. However, in the end, the belle ended up with the 2nd position and got the right to compete at Miss International 2015. With too many advantages and a divine beauty, Edymar Martinez won the crown of Miss International 2015. Furthermore, she is considered as one of the most beautiful winners in the history of the pageant.

Edymar Martinez was crowned Miss International 2015, she is one of the most beautiful winners of the pageant. Source: Missosology

The tactics of sparing the best competitor for the 3rd largest pageant is highly appreciated and acquired by many other countries.

Last year, Kylie Verzosa from Philippines was expected to participate in Miss Universe 2016, but she was chosen to be the Filipino representative at Miss International 2016, and finally brought the crown to her home country.

Kylie Verzosa won the 5th Miss International crown for Philippines. Source: Bb. Pilipinas

This year, it seems like Colombia is applying the strategy when they appoint Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve to compete at Miss International 2017. During Miss Colombia (Señorita Colombia) 2017, Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve was always hoped to be the winner and to wear the sash “Colombia” in Miss Universe to continue the country’s impressive accomplishments in this severe beauty arena from 2014 to 2016. Unexpectedly, Laura González Ospina became Miss Universe Colombia, and Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve became the 1st runner-up to put on the sash at Miss International 2017.

With a charming beauty, skillful walks and fluent English, Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve is willing to bring the 4th crown to Colombia, to place her country in the running with Philippines towards being the new ruler of this pageant.

Will the strategy help Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve take the 4th crown to Colombia?

The path to the crown of Vanessa seemed to be conveniently broad, and it would still be had it not been for an extremely strong contestant from the powerhouse Venezuela, Rosangélica Piscitelli.

Just like Vanessa, Rosangélica was hoped to be Venezuela’s choice for Miss Universe, but she failed at Miss Venezuela 2017 and became a contestant for Miss International.

Rosangélica Piscitelli is the Venezuelan warrior for this year's beauty arena. Source: Missosology

Two divine beauties who were estimated to compete in the severe Miss Universe turned out to have a battle in Miss International 2017, promising a lot of excitements. Will Colombia succeed with their new scheme acquired from Venezuela? Will Rosangélica Piscitelli block the path of Vanessa Pulgarin Monsalve to win the 8th crown for Venezuela? Or an unexpected factor will defeat both of those two beauty divas? The answers are going to be revealed at Miss International 2017 held in Japan at the end of this year. Let's see!

By: Chris Stewart

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