Miranda Kerr reveals five beauty secrets of Australian women

The French are well known for their cosmetic products, while Australians are renowned for their gentle and relaxing skin treatments.

"Australian women would like to have clean, healthy and fresh skin and a mess of loose hair," said supermodel Miranda Kerr who was born in Sydney and raised in Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia. "We appreciate the natural beauty. And I recognize that this is the reflection of the dynamic and outward-looking lifestyle. "


"I really miss the beaches and the fresh air.", said Australian model Miranda Kerr who is now living in Los Angeles. As for Miranda Kerr, self-care regimes show in a "healthy 360-degree" lifestyle - from the inside out in every aspect of life. .

For example: "Why do not you provide enough necessary nutrients for your body's activities to get yourself into the best condition? Why don’t you spend time meditating or applying essential oil therapy if it has positive effects? Why do not you use toxic waste products to balance your skin?". And Miranda has suggested five basic beauty principles of Australian women.

1. Consume organic food


In Australia, eating organic food is not something new. Growing vegetables for a meal is quite common and I have learned the importance of green and clean food since I was a kid.”. Miranda said that she follows the 80/20 rule: 80% of her time she will consume extremely healthy organic food, 20% of the time will be spent enjoying the dishes Miranda Kerr love. "I grew up by that way."

2. Use sand beaches to exfoliate


You do not have to spend a lot of money to get rid of dead cells with high-end beauty products, or spend the day in the kitchen making your own home-made coconut oil. All you need is available in the sea. "When I'm at home in Australia, I usually go to the beach and massage my skin with fine sand," Miranda said, this is the "etiquette" of the indigenous women.

3. Prepare face moisturizer


Due to its geographic location which is far from other continents, Australians often experience long flights, and their skin’s natural moisture will be negatively affected. Miranda as well as many other Australian women’ ‘secret weapon’ are skin oils. "I never go away without carrying Noni Glow Face, it is the best product to keep my skin moist." Miranda pointed out a key trick is to mix a few drops of oil into the lotion, so that the skin is fully moistened.

4. Get over jet lag


"One of my favorite secrets is to take off my shoes and walk barefoot on grass. Ground will energize me. Another way is bath tub. The water in a bath must be very hot and added about 500 gr of baking soda, 500 gr of sea salt, which will purify and remove toxins from the body," she said.

5. Take advantage of mineral water spray


Using mineral water spray is an essential step in the daily beauty process of Australian women. She often uses mineral water spray with orange oil to ‘add more energy’ in the morning, and mineral water spray with lavender oil to sleep peacefully.

By: Samanthan Lane

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