Makeup removal with olive oil

Recently, makeup removal with olive oil has become one of the top trends.

Traditional makeup removal usually takes place in 2 steps: water and toner. However, recently, makeup removal with olive oil has become one of the top trends.



The reason why you should use oil as makeup remover 

Our skin often produces a certain amount of oil to retain moisture and protect the skin against negative environmental factors. When your skin is exposed to cosmetics, dust, heat... there will be dehydration, which leads to rough skin. The sebaceous glands will more active causing an accumulation of sebum and acne.

According to the analysis of the experts from, the only way to dissolve a non-polar solvents such as sebum, oil is to use another non-polar solvent, such as oil - which means using oil to dissolve oil.

According to this analysis, you can use vegetable oil to remove the accumulation of sebum on your skin's surface gently and quickly.


Which kind of oil could be used?

Understanding the principles above, what you need  to do now is choosing the suitable oil for cleansing and moisturizing your skin. There are two types of oil used by many beauty bloggers as makeup remover, olive oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and castor oil (Castor Oil).

Olive oil's pH is compatible with the skin. It also provides nutrients for the skin to retain moisture, heal acne and prevent oxidation...

Meanwhile, castor oil quickly dissolves facial oil, removes sebaceous glands, and moisturizes. In particular, the price of this oil is more affordable than olive oil's.


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By: Emma Lane

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