Incredible methods to have fair-complexion of women in old days

Nowadays, sexy tanned girls are always desired. However, formerly, women used to be willing to try any possible way to have fair-complexion, no matter how risky it was.

A geisha with pale skin and red lips, this was once viewed as Japanese ideal beauty

It can be said that fair-complexion is still considered to be fashionable in many places. From the past till todays, to a certain extent, bright skin is favored by women from Eastern to Western countries. A girl with fair-complexion is widely seen as a beautiful model that many women dream to be.

Previously, fair skin was regarded as a trait of nobility. During Renaissance period, pale women were even supposed to be attractive and elite ladies. In history, women were so crazy about fair skin that they could do anything from wearing thick make-up to cutting blood vessels.

Ancient Greek women's boxes of powder mainly made from...lead

Long time ago, women in Japan and China pounded pearls and shells into powder. They had their skin covered with that kind of powder. Some people even ate the powder in the expectation of getting bright skin.

Queen Cleopatra nurtured her skin by using face masks made of donkey milk and crocodile waste, together with shower gel which was made from roses and milk.

In former Western society, women knew how to have pale skin by using make-up powder. However, not many people know that such powder was chiefly made from lead, which is a harmful element to human’s body and can even result in death. People once believed that the pale skin covered with that powder is a sign of a good health condition and noble beauty.

In Victorian Era, people even used arsenic to whiten their skin without knowing that it is a fatally poisonous substance, which can lead to cancers and damage the brain. In Elizabethan Era, lead was also used to bleach the skin, but people realized that it caused grey hair, dried skin, digestive disorders and many other diseases. Once, Western people created a brand of soap made from lemon, dandelion, arsenic and mercury. Various people who used this kind of soap were ill to death.

In the middle of the 20th century, several new brands of soap were sold. They were claimed to be totally safe and effective to have the skin whitened. The components of these soap included carboxylic acid, hydroquinone and...mercury. The dream of having fair complexion overwhelmed all fears of health problems, and many women regrettably harmed themselves.

Bath salts help to relax as well as soften and brighten our skin

In fact, it is totally incorrect to say that all methods to brighten our skin are dangerous. There are several ways to reach the goal of having bright skin, one of which is using bath salts. Bath salts can clean dead skin cells, and function as antibiotics, helping soften and brighten the skin safely.

By: Chris Stewart

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