How have Hollywood actresses changed their beauty in nearly two decades?

Many Hollywood actresses still retain their youthful charm, while some of them are sadly victims of plastic surgery.


Charlize Theron is still considered one of Hollywood's great beauties. 18 years ago, the blonde-hair actress was more prominent with a young and charming figure.


Many hearts were fascinated by Angelina Jolie when she was young thanks to her sexy lips and deep eyes. The actress is less beautiful now because of the weight loss that makes her look haggard and tired.


Monica Bellucci was one of the brightest roses in the movie. The Italian actress is now 52 years old with a hard face by the abuse of botox.


Nearly three decades have passed but the "muse" Andie MacDowell still deserves to be beautiful. At age 60, Andie is still one of Hollywood's most beautiful ladies.


The beauty in 'American Pie' movie, Tara Reid, was the dream girl of many boys. In 2004, Tara Reid decided to implant subcutaneous tissue to increase breast size. However, after that she was back on the operating table to "fix the mistake" to shrink the chest. Tara has lost her beauty and sweetness due to plastic surgery addiction.


Winona Ryder is one of the iconic beauties of the 90s. After nearly two decades, Winona still retains the delicate lines and rather youthful stature.


Natalie Portman born in 1981 is not only a beautiful and talented actress but she is also known for her phenomenal academic record. The beauty belongs to the goddess in group "with age comes wisdom". The beauty of the actress as young as naive but old age is very sharp.


Nicole Kidman deserves the title of "lifetime beauty", at any age Australian ‘Swan’ is also beautiful enough to make people fall in love. Despite turning 50 years old, Nicole still shines all the time with her beauty as a fairy.


People – the paper about famous stars in America voted Jennifer Aniston's "World's Most Beautiful Women" in 2016. Despite of the same hairstyle and makeup style but after 23 years, Jennifer Aniston has more visible signs of age through skin and wrinkles.


The sweet rose of Pearl Harbor is still pretty convincingly at the age of 43. The face of the actress is almost unchanged when compared to 16 years ago. While many audiences and major magazines often vote for Kate Beckinsale as one of the beauties of the world - Esquire once called her "the sexiest alive woman" in 2009.


Drew Barrymore used to be a Hollywood princess. Since famous childhood, the actress was pampered by the directors partly thanks to her beauty and sweet smile. Drew's current isn’t sharper because of age and weight gain out of control.

By: Mithrine Smith

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