Gotta be proud of your oily skin due to these 5 reasons

Most of us see oily skin as a really dreadful trouble. Just wait! You are just looking at the dark side, and do not know that your troublesome skin is truly a privilege.

Sebaceous gland secretes sebum under the skin surface and around hair follicles. Oil glands mostly locate under face skin and head skin, their function is waterproofing and moistening the skin and hair. The more active your glands are, the more waterproofed your skin will be. In addition to this originally biological benefit, highly active sebaceous glands bring about several other surprising advantages.

1. Protecting skin from negative impacts of environment

First of all, let’s talk about the importance of our skin. Skin covers the largest area on our body, and it is exposed to the environment's impacts more than any other organs. Basically, skin is the foremost defensive barrier of the body, and the sebum secretion plays the role of a special membrane providing our skin with necessary substances as well as defending our skin from harmful impacts of the environment.


2. Blocking harmful rays in sunlight

Though using sunscreen can protect the skin from sunlight’s negative effects, oily skin still do a better job compared to other types of skin. However, this advantage does not mean that you do not need sunscreen if you have got oily skin. You just do not need too strong sunscreen with unnecessarily high SPF to avoid banish clogged pores.

3. Delaying aging process on the skin

Getting old is nothing terrible since everyone of us has to experience it. Nevertheless, if you have oily skin, such harmful factors from the environment resulting in early aging like sunlight or pollution will have less impacts on your skin in comparison with other types of skin. Oily skin is normally thicker and has more defensive factors than dry skin. You might think your oily skin look quite disturbing, but if you know how to take care of it, then your skin will appear to be smoother and younger than normal, dry or combination skin.

Furthermore, dermatologists indicate that sebum contains vitamin E, which is classified as an antioxidant, helping our skin remain youthful longer than usual. You must be totally surprised to know that your hateful sebum really has such a valuable nutrient, right? In order to increase the amount of vitamin E in sebum, the best and easiest way is to eat more fruits and vegetables.


4. Moistening the skin better

Basically and biologically, sebum is a layer which keeps the moisture remaining on the skin longer by slowing down vaporization. For that reason, oily skin usually looks smoother and livelier than normal or dry or combination skin.

5. Preventing wrinkles

Thanks to antioxidants in the sebum, it is harder for wrinkles to appear on oily skin. However, people with oily skin have a tendency to overly erase the oil. You have to remember that the oil is necessary, and if it is overly washed, more oil will be even secreted.

By: Chris Stewart

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