Exfoliation – Are you doing it right?

Not many people know that our body is wrapped in a layer of "dead skin". To remove this layer, you should try exfoliation right away.

90% of the dust in your home is dead skin. Actually dead skin exists a lot on the body but we often do not feel it. In addition, most of women focus only on exfoliating their face and forget that your body also needs this step. Therefore, effective skin exfoliation should be removing dead skin cells for your whole body.

1. Exfoliating your scalp

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It might sound strange, but it's also necessary to exfoliate the scalp. This process will help prevent dandruff, remove dead skin and boost blood circulation, reduce hair loss.

So, how to exfoliate your scalp? It’s very simple. While washing your hair, use your hands to scratch your scalp to remove the dust. But remember to be really gentle, avoid hurting your head. Besides, do not forget to massage your head so that you could feel more comfortable, relaxed.

2.  Exfoliating your hand and feet

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Certainly the exfoliation of hands and feet is not noticed by many women. So, start taking care of your whole body by exfoliating your hands and feet right now. You can look for products that contain urea, commonly found in hand lotions. This ingredient not only helps to remove dead skin but also makes your skin soft because it is moisturized. Especially during the cold seasons, when your skin and hands are dry, the urea is more effective.

Also, if you are passionate about DIY cosmetics, you can still make your own scrub at home. A combination of honey and sugar is a safe solution for sensitive skin. Coffee grounds also help to remove dead skin. Especially with the feet, you can exfoliate the skin with salt. Then, don’t forget to use lotion before going to bed to protect your skin.

3.  Exfoliating your body

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The easiest way to exfoliate the skin is to use exfoliating lotions, usually body scrub with exfoliating particles. These particles will rub into the skin and gently remove the dirt, the dead skin.

You should focus on your shoulders, back, chest, arms and legs. These areas’ skin pores can not be blocked easily as facial skin pores, but you will still have dry, rough skin and acne if you don’t take a good care of them. This exfoliation helps to prevent acne and smooth your skin. In addition, you can also use facial scrubs to scrub the whole body.

4.  Exfoliating your elbow and knees

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The skin of elbows and knees is thicker and darker. Therefore, mechanical exfoliation is the appropriate method for these two areas. You can use a soft brush to lightly brush while showering. And the last step is to apply a lotion for better skin care.

5.  Exfoliating your face

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Facial exfoliation is no stranger to most women. Currently, there are two common types of face scrub: chemical exfoliation (AHA, BHA, Retinoids) and mechanical exfoliation. However, there are many tips that the mechanical one is the safest that does not irritate the skin.

The ideal number of exfoliation is one, twice a week. You should not overdo it if you don’t want your skin to be dried out, especially in the cold season.

6.  Exfoliating your lips

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Every girl has intense love with colored lipstick, but not every girl pays attention to lip care. If you are such a girl, start exfoliating your lips now.

Currently, exfoliating products for lips are quite popular in the market. But you can also use sugar and olive oil to rub lightly on your lips to remove dead skin cells – safe, cheap, and fast.

By: Dinah Gutierrez

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