'Easy as a piece of cake' tips to moisture your lips

With some special tips below, thick and moist lips will not be cracked even if you wear lipstick all day.

The lips also need attention and care just like face and skin. When it comes to wearing lipstick, healthy lips are soft, rosy, and moist. It is not difficult and not too late to take care of your lips if you follow some tips below.

1. Exfoliation

Before you know how to wear lipstick to look beautiful and natural, you need to take care of your lips every day. The first is to exfoliate the lips. Twice a week is a great time to ‘clean’ your lips. Exfoliation will help reduce dark circles.

You need to prepare:

- One teaspoon of avocado oil, olive oil or almond

- One tablespoon of sugar

- One tablespoon of honey

- One teaspoon of coconut oil, shea butter or vaseline.

Mix the ingredients together to make a paste, then use a brush to apply the mixture to your lips for about 3 minutes, then cover with food wrap to allow more nutrients to penetrate. Finally, you clean your lips with cool water.

2. Soften lips

Use a special brush to clean the lips to make the lips softer. Soft lips are very good for wearing lipstick.

3. Formulate the lips with lip concealers


It is rare to find someone who possesses perfectly shaped lips. So, using lip concealers to create beautiful lips is a must. Just a few lines you will have lips that match the face. Refer to the way how to make shape of the lips in the picture below.

4. Blend colors of lipsticks


Using two colors of lipstick will make you ‘a few years younger’. When being combined with many lipstick colors, your lips will be more attractive.

5. Line lips


Lip liners will help your lips become thick when wearing lipstick. You can just use a lip pencil and highlighter for this process. After highlighting the lip liner, you apply a highlighter to the area around the lips and the center of the lips.

6. Soften lips


To do this, you just apply a lip pencil to the lip, then use concealers to apply to the middle of the lips, and lightly spread to the lips.

7. Choose the right lipstick for your skin tone

Knowing how to choose the best lipstick for your skin tone will help you look perfect with what you have.

8. Bold lips


This type of wearing lipstick is suitable for those with light makeup style. First, you can use a concealer to apply to the entire lips. Then, you can apply lipsticks to the central area of your lips, and then fill in the rest of your lips. This method will help you possess natural and moist lips.

By: Ashley Brown

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