Discover the secrets behind perfumes

Perfumes, like women, have always been keeping hidden invisible secrets inside.


Some perfumes are made from real flowers

Founded in 1981 by a former pianist and model, Annick Goutal is one of the top perfume brands today. Following the family's tradition, Annick Goutal's daughter - Camille Goutal has revealed that flowers are one of the most important ingredients that the company uses to make perfumes.

Hidden in the petals is a charming and gentle fragrance. Thus, when they are converted to fragrance, petals in perfume will contain such temptation that attracts both men and women. There are some women using perfume feel like they are blending into the mysterious natural world.


Many perfumes contain synthetic ingredients

Normally, brands prefer to use natural elements to make a real-like scent, but the perfume compositions can hardly be completely natural. The first reason is the high cost of natural resources that most brands are not able to afford.

In addition, for some fragrances, using natural ingredients hardly produces the exact odor, such as peach and coconut odor. Then, synthetic ingredients will be a good choice.

Another equally important reason is that using too many ingredients from nature will affect the environment.


Perfume, eau de toilette, and cologne are completely different concepts

Perfume (also known as parfum, parfum extrait or perfume extract) is the one with the strongest fragrance. Because of this, in the formulation, the concentration of expensive essential oils is very high, while there is only a little water and alcohol. Some perfumes even do not contain water.

Following parfum, eau de parfum is also very rich. Eau de toilette has a slightly lighter scent than these two, but stronger than cologne. If you notice the scent on your body quickly flies away in a short time, then you probably need to choose another product with higher concentration.


Scent trends change from time to time

There are two types of trends in the perfume market. The first one is seasonal. The second one depends on the weather.

According to perfume buyers' shopping habits, they would love to use light fragrances in the summer and vice versa, they will enjoy rich scents during cold seasons.

But this is not always true. Some smell is favored for years or even decades. Typically, citrus and vanilla seem to have an amazingly charming attraction.


Wood, citrus and vanilla are the most loved scents

These scents have always been the most popular fragrances from the past. Women are often fascinated with gentle fragrances, while men are quite loyal to warm woody ones.


Each person's body odor varies with the same fragrance

This fact is quite strange, isn't it? According to scientific studies, the structure of the body and the habitat will make a difference in the smell of a person compared to others'. Consequently, even though they share the same bottle of perfume, each person's scent will be completely different from the other's.


How to choose a scent that suits you perfectly?

It is advisable for you to follow your taste and personality in order to choose the right type of perfume. Just pay attention to the fragrance that shows who you are, what you like and what you want.

For example, if you are romantic and you love some light fragrance, floral will be a good choice. Or if your style is fresh and dynamic, try the outgoing citrus.


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