Dark lips – where do they come from?

Before taking any remedy, you need to understand the causes of dark lips to find the right treatment.

1. Genetic reason


Some people have dark lips from birth, not because of any external cause or habit that cause them but because of genetic factors. Melanin accumulates on the lips too much, making the lips not rosy and as bright as other people.

Improving lip color in this case is the hardest. You need a full complement of vitamin E, A, C... and have reasonable lip care routine, your lips will change gradually.

2. Smoking


In addition to harming your health, the nicotine component in cigarettes also darkens your lips. Moreover, if the smoking habit continues, it will cause our lips to become dull and discolored.

If you pay more attention to the men who smoke, you will see their lips can no longer retain their natural pink color. Smoking cigarettes is one of the most obvious reasons that you never get rosy lips.

3. Caffeine


Similar to nicotine in cigarettes, caffeine in tea and coffee causes dark lips, too. Drinking two cups of coffee or tea each day will provide energy and essential nutrients to the body. But if you use too much caffeine, it will begin to destroy your lips.

4. Lip licking


When the lips are dry and cracked, many people mistake the habit of licking their lips will help solve this problem. However, that is a false thought. Ingredients in saliva will make your lips even drier, more cracked and the lips will be vulnerable and become dark, dull.

Just say goodbye to the habit of licking your lips right now if you want to improve them.

5. Lack of water


70% of your body is water. Lack of water not only cause adverse effects on the body and skin but also dries your lips out. If this situation persists, the lips will be vulnerable and ugly.

If you want to own a pair of pink lips, first you need to provide enough water for the body. There is nothing simpler than drinking water to overcome the causes of unhealthy lips.

6. Sunlight


UVA, UVB rays from the sun, in addition to destroying our skin, is also one of the main causes of dark lips. The reason is that these UVA, UVB rays will cause dry and chapped lips, at the same time increase the melanin pigment - the leading factor that changes the color of your lips.

7. Low-quality lipsticks


The use of low-quality cosmetic products is one of the most common causes that make your lips dark and ugly. In addition, abusing lipsticks or not removing makeup at the end of the day will also make your lips more dry and dull.

By: Roxana Edwards

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