Common eyeliner mistakes that we all make

Eyeliner - Do and don't.

1. You line your entire eyes:

This will make your eyes look smaller. Just tight line your upper lash line, it will make your lash line look full and won't close up your eyes.



2. You only line your bottom lash line:

This will make your eyes look unbalanced. Instead, tight line your upper lash line, and line the outer corner of your lower lash line. Then for the rest of your lower lash line, you can apply a nude color liner as highlighter.



3. You use only black colored eyeliner:

For the daytime look, it might be a little too much. Try other colors as brown or bronze...



4. Your eyeliner is not sharp enough:

It's best to sharpen it up regularly for better application, and it's a great way to get rid of any bacteria on it.



5. You don't use matching eye shadow or powder:

It will have your eyeliner stay all day without smudging.



6. You pull your eye area to stretch it out while applying eyeliner:

By doing this, you're probably speeding up aging. Instead, lifting your head up slightly.



7. You draw too thick line:

This mistake again closes up your eyes and doesn't give you a flattering shape. Try to stick to your lash line.



8. You use liquid eyeliner to your lower lash line:

It will be a little bit too harsh. For a softer look, try using pencils and eye shadow brushes.



9. You use white eyeliner:

Try using nude eyeliners instead. They match your skin tone better and look more natural. 



10. You close your eye while drawing winged eyeline:

To make things much easier, use tape as a guide.



11. You go too far with extending the inner corner of your eyes:

Just use a liquid eyeliner or a very pointy brush and just follow the natural shape of your eyes.



12. You curl your lashes after applying eyeliner:

Your eyelash curler can remove some of your eyeliner and ruin your hard work. Remember to do it before using eyeliner.



All credit goes to: Tina Yong


By: Kristen Bale

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