Brilliant ways to reuse expired cosmetics

Most of cosmetics have shelf life and other uses that you do not know, even expired cosmetics.

As a woman, surely on your dressing table there will be a bottle of perfume, a lipstick, a bottle of toner or a box of foundation… We all love cosmetics. However, the duration of these cosmetics is actually not long, especially moisturizing and water-based cosmetics. When your cosmetics are expired, will you throw them away?

Most of the cosmetic items have shelf life and other uses that you do not know. Even expired cosmetics also have hidden benefits for you to save more. And here are some tips to reuse expired cosmetics that you can apply today.

1. Toner

Toner contains a certain amount of alcohol to effectively remove bacteria. If you need a quick hand sanitizer, toner can be a great choice. In addition, you can use this cosmetic for things that often have dirt and bacteria like computer keyboards, phone screens...

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2. Clear nail polish

There are plenty of way to reuse expired nail polish. Not only does it bring you fabulous nails, this item is also effective in removing scratches from furniture. You can also take advantage of the special adhesion of this cosmetic when it expires for manual work. With a light gloss finish on the surface of your favorite sunglasses, the small screws will be fixed firmly.

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3. Face powder

Face powder usually contains mineral salts that absorb moisture. Therefore, to limit the sweat from your armpits, elbows or palms, this type of cosmetic is truly a "savior." In addition, face powder can also replace dry shampoo. Just put a little powder on your hair so the oil can be absorbed, you will have a clean hair just as when you step out from the bathroom.

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4. Makeup remover

Makeup remover is not only doing the job of removing makeup but also can handle other types of dirt. Expired cosmetics can fly away excess glue of a peeling label sticker. You only need to use a damp cloth with a little makeup remover and wipe off any surface. Smudging stains on clothes can also be removed easily too.

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5. Lotion

Moisturizing lotions increase the elasticity and softness. Therefore, when your lotion is expired, you can use it as a polish for shinier leather items. Just use a small cotton pad to apply the lotion on the surface of your leather shoes or bags, and they will look as new.

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6. Lipstick

To temporarily cover tattoos or dark circles around your eyes, you can use red lipstick as a salvage solution. This trick sounds pretty strange but based on the principle of skin tone correction, red lip color can neutralize blemishes’ shades, such as blue violet.

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By: Lily Haney

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