Beyoncé’s tips to stay fabulous despite time

At her late 30s, this mother of three babies still looks smoking hot as if time has forgotten to leave its mark on her beauty.

At age 36, our beloved singer Beyoncé is still at the top of glory. Her tours are continuously sold out, and her music products are always well received everywhere. Recently, she and her husband Jay-Z  have released a joint album called “Everything Is Love” with lead single “Apes**t”, which still receives very positive feedback.

Her private life is just as busy as her career. Little Blue Ivy Carter is six years old now, and the twins have just turned one year old last June. When Beyoncé was pregnant and about to give birth, her fans did not even expect an early return. However, from time to time, the singer can still surprise the public with endless energy. Well, you might still remember her amazing performance on the Grammy stage last year when she was pregnant with the twins.

After giving birth, the Queen Bee quickly returns to music. She appears on the stage with a fiery body, and youthful face, making people can’t help being curious about her secrets to maintain such radiant appearance. 36 years old, but the singer still looks like she is 26. It can be said that Beyoncé is challenging the time with her beauty.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the “On The Run II” that started last June.

Beyoncé’s skin care secret

John Barnett, the makeup artist who always accompanies Beyoncé, is the one keeping all beauty and makeup tips of the singer. Despite constantly moving for the tours, Beyoncé's face never reveals any sign of tiredness. It always looks fresh in the limelight.

In the skin care process, John always care about Beyoncé's cleansing and moisturizing steps. The makeup artist insists that we must remove makeup before going to bed, no matter how tired we are. In addition, you should use a facial cleanser and skin exfoliation with fruit enzymes once a week. Because the makeup of any singer's performance is often very bold, Sir John's stiffness at this stage is understandable.

In addition, John has a special skin care secret for Beyoncé, which is using eye cream for the whole face. According to John, molecules in eye creams are much smaller, so they penetrate the skin better. However, John also notes that this secret is not suitable for everyone. Unlike regular lotion, eye cream has higher moisture content from the special formula, so it can clog pores if the product does not suit the skin.

Beyoncé and her makeup artist John Barnett.

Beyoncé’s method to keep fit

Just a few months after giving birth to two babies, Beyoncé quickly regained its her to return to music. But this is no luck. Her hourglass appearance is the result of an intense training process and a scientifically diet.

Beyoncé loves diets with plenty of vegetables, and she has been on a pure vegetarian diet for 22 days to lose weight. Proper vegetarian diet helps keep her body healthy with low calories without causing hunger. However, the singer does not encourage any to have too harsh diets, which affect your health make you uncomfortable.

Diet is not enough, you should workout to look better. Even with a busy schedule, Beyoncé still constantly looks for opportunities to get her body moving. She performs many calorie-burning activities such as squat and plank for 5 minutes. In addition, Beyoncé's husband and children are also active companions, making the process even more fun. People often see the singer's family to go out for physical activities together. By keeping that positive attitude, Beyoncé is able to maintain healthy diets and exercises in the long run.





By: Lily Haney

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